Boston Day 3: First Easter ever not spent in Cleveland

Once again thanks to the early sun rising in Boston, I was able to start my run early. I had originally planned on a run around Harvard but went for a short run around Somerville instead.

photo 1Although it was Easter Sunday, it didn’t feel like it since we were in Boston. We attempted to make it feel like Easter and went to church at a local church, St. Ann’s. That happened to be the only Easter like thing we did all day.

Ball Street Cafe
Ball Square Cafe

I waited too long to feed the husband and he got kinda cranky. Although I can’t blame him when we had to wait outside in the cold to get into the Ball Square Cafe for breakfast. However, it was completely worth the wait. They let us have coffee in line while we waited, the owners and servers were great and the food was amazing!

      photo 2 photo 4

So what do you do on Easter Sunday away from family? Well first we discovered that a lot of places were open so we went beer shopping. I think we hit up 3-4 beer stores. We also stopped at The Round House. I’ve been wanting to stop here for awhile. It was built to be a residential house. The history of the house always grabs my attention and I wish they did tours.

Round House
Round House

Then I found a New Balance Factory store when I got lost on my run the day before. It was perfect to stop in and pick up a few things and waste some time.

Hello new super discounted shoes!
Hello new super discounted shoes!

Since we had our car with us we decided to drive around some suburbs and the Newton Hills of Boston. We also made a stop at Heartbreak Hill running store. It’s a local store and we loved being able to stop in and check it out…we also may have bought some new tanks while we were there. (Ryan wore his for the race so you’ll see it in a later post)

Every runner loes to see the Citgo sign
Every runner loves to see the Citgo sign

The hotel we were staying at had a free shuttle to certain destinations so we took advantage of it when we could and had them take us to Quincy Market for a bit. I was able to grab a delicious looking tiramisu and some beers. It’s kinda nice when you aren’t running a race and can eat junk the day before (I also ran 12 miles and walked 8 the day before so I was letting myself enjoy the good food)

        photo 3(1) photo 4(1)

While we may not have been at home we did enjoy a nice pasta dinner at Posto. For two people who really don’t like pasta, we always enjoy dinner at Posto. Maybe it is the “farm-chic, open atmosphere” the place has. Or maybe it is the good food and easy to get reservations.

           photo 1(2) photo 5(1)

I can never get a picture of Ryan’s food because he digs in as soon as the plate is down.

The girls next to us were really giggly becuase they were going to be in our picture. I should have told them they would be on the blog too lol
The girls next to us were really giggly because they were going to be in our picture. I should have told them they would be on the blog too lol

We had to call it an early night because Ryan had a big day ahead of him. He’ll be guest posting about his experience in a few days.

Do you spend Easter with family or have you ever taken a vacation during a holiday?

2 thoughts on “Boston Day 3: First Easter ever not spent in Cleveland

  1. The only “vacation” I’ve ever taken on a holiday is to Pittsburgh to spend the holiday with Jay’s family. Lol.
    Sounds like a good time – and the weather looks great! Can’t wait to hear about Ryan’s race!

  2. This was also my first Easter spent not with family, so definitely a different experience. I did get to have coffee with my aunt and uncle in Boston though, which was nice to have some familiarity. Looks like you had a great time in Boston, can’t wait to read about the hubs race!

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