Cleveland Marathon Weeks 12 & 13: Sick and Traveling but not sick of traveling

It has been a crazy couple of weeks here. I came down with some awful flu/cold thing a few weeks ago and it completely knocked me off my feet. I spent most days working and sleeping and trying to get healthy again. I had to give up workouts and missed a speed session but it’s always better to be healthy than to try and muscle through workouts and make yourself worse.

Monday: Rest Day
Tuesday: sick
Wednesday: Sick
Thursday:  3 miles in the am and 1,250 meter swim
Friday: Abs and Arms
Saturday: 12 mile long run and 800 meter swim
Sunday: 3.15 mile run and 1 hour of strength training

Total Mileage: 18.15 miles

Once I finally got over the flu/cold thing, I walked right into a crazy work schedule and leaving for Boston. I got in workouts when I could and worked out most days that I was on vacation.

Seen on my run
Seen on my run

Monday: Rest Day
Tuesday: 1,250 meter swim
Wednesday: AM Speedwork 1 mile WU, 5-800s, 2-400s, 1 mile CD
Thursday:  abs and arms
Friday: rest day (11 hours in the car driving to Boston)
Saturday: 12 mile long run in Boston and 8 miles of walking
Sunday: 3 miles run and lots of walking

Total Mileage: 20 miles

I love that I was able to get in a lot of miles and time on my feet while in Boston. I love even more that my feet are finally starting to hold themselves together and I can finally start increasing my mileage again!

Do you workout on vacation? I always do!

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