Road Trip From Boston to Vermont and a Little Hocus Pocus In Between

Being the crazy early birds that we are, Ryan and I were on the road to Vermont at 7am on Tuesday morning. We probably would have been on the road sooner but Ryan was being interviewed on 102.1.

I’m not sure when we figured it out but somewhere when we were looking for things to see and do in Boston we came across the Hocus Pocus movie sights. I assumed they were all in Hollywood somewhere but a couple scenes were in Salem, a short drive from Boston.

                  photo 1(4) photo 3(5)

Yes that is Max and Dani’s house on the left and real people live there. They also have a black cat…Binks perhaps? The other house is Alison’s mansion from the movie. Surprisingly there is not much to do in Salem at 8am on a Tuesday but we did stumble into an awesome bagel shop called Bagel World. We know it was awesome because the line was so long..and because we ate there.

                 photo 1(1)   photo 4(2)

Yet another example of Ryan digging into his food immediately before I could get a picture. After breakfast in Salem we were off to travel Vermont.

photo 2(3)  photo 3(3)  photo 4

I’ve never been to Vermont so I was a little shocked at how desolate it is. It was pretty cold while we were there. Like I wish I brought a winter coat with me and there was snow on the ground.

After quickly checking into our B&B we headed out to the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream factory. It was a quick, cheap tour with free ice cream samples. I’m not sure what they did to me on the tour but I’m now convinced I NEED to try all the Ben & Jerry’s flavors, seriously on the 3rd pint in only 1 week.

             photo 1(3)       photo 5(2)

Ryan was not amused by the  flights of stairs to get to the factory, only 1 day after running the Boston Marathon.

For dinner we stopped at Prohibition Pig for 2 reasons, 1) I saw pork rinds on the menu and 2) they had Heady Topper on tap. Sadly, this restaurant was an hour from our B&B, so we had to keep the drinking to a minimum.

photo 2(4) photo 3(4)

On our first night in Vermont we took it easy and hung out at the B&B and opened some beers in our room. It was probably one of the most relaxing things we did the whole trip.

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