Our Full Day in Vermont

I believe I was up at 5:30am on a Wednesday, while on vacation, just to get my speedwork in. I may or may not have driven 30 minutes to the “nearby” school just so I could get my speed work in.

It had been raining and the track was covered in slippery worms!
It had been raining and the track was covered in slippery worms!

We had one major thing planned for this day in Vermont and it was to visit Hill Farmstead Brewery. I had only had  a couple of the beers from there and they are quite elusive since they don’t distribute to Ohio so I was really excited to visit the brewery.

                     photo 2(1) photo 3

I thought by going on a Wednesday, during the week and as soon as they opened that we would be the first or only ones there. Unfortunately they decided last minute to do a beer release, meaning more people would be there. About an hour before they opened there was already a line formed. It was cold out so we waited in the car and watched the to see how long the line got.

                       photo 1(2) photo 2(2)

About 15 minutes before they opened, we got in line and were only about 20 people back so we figured it would move fast. We were wrong. We also thought we could hang out there for a couple hours and drink some good beer but we were also wrong.

          photo 4 photo 5

It was basically a place to pick up beer. We stood in line for almost 3 hours just to have our growlers filled. They did allow you to purchase samples while you were in line but you had to drink them in the order they wanted you too. Kind sucked because my taste buds were done after the first 2 beers and I couldn’t really taste the last 2. Would I go again, no but it was nice to check out. I think it lost a little hype from me though.

 photo 3(1) photo 4(1) photo 5(1)

Kinda crazy to see snow on the ground still but it was really cold while we were there.

After the first brewery we decided to hit up another!

photo 3(2) photo 4(2) photo 5(2)

To be honest, we didn’t know how close Lost Nation Brewing was to where we were but once we found out we couldn’t wait to stop by. Absolutely loved it there. We had great service, awesome woodwork throughout and great beers to enjoy. If I was in Vermont again I would go back.

On the way to the next brewery, yes we hit up 3 breweries in 1 day. I wanted to stop by this little shanty to buy maple syrup. However, when we go there it was fairly cleaned out and no one worked there. It was all by the honor system. Put your money in the slot and that’s it! I ended up buying jam instead of syrup though.

                   photo 1(3) photo 2(3)

The last brewery we stopped at was Rock Art Brewery. It was half brewery, half store but we were able to quickly grab samples and shop for beer in the store.

                      photo 1(4) photo 2(4)

We had one last stop for the night and it wasn’t a brewery, we ran out of those but it was for Ryan to meet up with one of his beer trading buddies. Kind of cool that we got to meet him and his girlfriend in person and grab dinner with them.

             photo 3(3) photo 4(3)

The picture on the left is the little town we were staying in. The picture on the right was the delicious pizza I got to eat at Positive Pie.



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