May in Bay 5K

After not performing as well as I wanted to in the Cleveland Half Marathon this year, I need a race to get me back on my feet and make sure my feet could take it. I waited a few days to make sure my feet were hurting less and then did a couple test runs to see if my feet flared up and they didn’t so I took that as the ok to register.

Chapstick is the best thing to receive in packet pickup.
Chapstick is the best thing to receive in packet pickup.

I knew this race wasn’t going to be a PR race, I just wanted to test out the feet and get a solid speed workout in.

It was hard to decide what to wear since it was chilly and 50 that morning but was to warm up to 70 by the afternoon. I decided on capris and a short sleeve but I probably could have worn shorts.

And they're off
And they’re off

You can barely see me in the picture above but I tried to get behind some guys and let them break the crowd for me 🙂 The first mile is fast for this race because there is a nice downhill. When I looked down and saw my pace was 6:10, I slowed down to not waste energy and hit the first mile marker at 6:59.

The rest of the race winds through some neighborhoods in Bay Village and is all fairly flat. I had been passed by 2 girls so far, one at the 1 mile marker and the other at the 1.5 mile mark but was holding on the 4th female overall.

As I hit the 2 mile mark I could see the girl who passed me at the 1 mile marker slowing down and I knew I had her and in time could pass her. The closer I got I realized how young she was (yet taller than me) and decided to encourage her and hopefully get her to the finish since we were only 400 meters from the finish.

She wasn’t having any of it and wasn’t picking up the pace, so I left her, moving myself into 3rd but with the hopes she would soon see how close the finish line was and would pick it up.

Coming in for the finish
Coming in for the finish

As I turned onto the track I heard someone cheer on a girls name and it wasn’t mine so I figured the girl was coming and was kicking it to the finish. I was going to wait for her to pass and then start kicking because if she had a kick at the end of the race I wanted her to get 3rd overall. However, it was another girl who passed me!!!! Nooooo. I picked up the pace but couldn’t get her in the last 50 meters.

That's the longest my stride has ever been.
That’s the longest my stride has ever been.

I ended up with 4th overall but 2nd in my age group, don’t you hate when that happens lol. My time was 22:38, a 7:18 pace and the girl who passed me beat me by 1 second!

I’m now looking forward to lots of summer races this year and hopefully a new 5K PR!

3 thoughts on “May in Bay 5K

  1. I am pretty sure all races should give out chapstick. You can never really have enough. Also, girl, your heel striking is hardcore…bend that knee! 🙂

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