St. Marks Run for the Arts 5K

I believe this is the 3rd time I have run this local race but it holds a special place in my heart because it was after this race that Ryan proposed to me a couple years ago.

This race is a nice flat race through West Park and somehow every year I manage to run horribly. Ok not really horribly but I would hope to run better for a flat race.

I was a little chilly the morning of the race but after a 1.5 mile warmup, I was sweating and happy with the shorts and tank that I decided to wear.

There was pretty good competition at this race this year so I set a goal to not go out too fast. I wanted to see how I would feel if I didn’t go out too fast like I normally do.

The race started and I stuck to someone I thought would run close to my time and after a half mile, she pulled away. I ended up going back and forth with some 7th or 8th grade boys instead. I was pretty impressed with the number of young kids that were running this race. St. Marks must have an awesome track team. My second mile of the race really sucked. But with about .7 to go in the race, I felt like I had a little kick. I never feel that way in a 5K.

I had hoped that kick would bring me into a time in the 21s but instead I ended up with 22:55, 7th female over all and 3rd in my age group. Some tough old ladies in my age group for this race.

Looking forward to switching things up and running a hilly half marathon this weekend! Fingers crossed for cool temps.

I forgot to take pics for this race because I was gearing up for the Cleveland Challenge Nation later that day!

2 thoughts on “St. Marks Run for the Arts 5K

  1. I went to St. Mark’s for 3rd-8th grade and my mom still attends church there. I have many great memories of my time at St. Mark’s and I love driving past it. I totally meant to do it this year but somehow it just completely escaped my race calendar. Argh! I’ll have to make sure I put it on my Google Calendar in 2015 so I don’t forget.

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