Cleveland Challenge Recap: Everyone do this race next year!

When I was contacted by Cleveland Challenge Nation about this race, I really didn’t know a lot about it. Scavenger type/Amazing Race style event but I decided to do it because I rarely participate in fun races because I love competing in races so much.

Many people dress up for this race or wear matching shirts, outfits etc. Some came up with some interesting costumes like this guy who was a “wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen”

I heard he only flashed a few people.
I heard he only flashed a few people.

Before the race there is one big meeting. We literally got in 1 very large circle as the clues to the race were passed out.

2photo 2You have to keep your hand in the circle so there is no cheating and reading the clues early.

3photo 3Which really didn’t matter for Francesca and I because we were pretty stumped on most clues. After reading through the clues we decided to just run to the first location we knew and hoped we would figure the rest out as we went.

Luckily on the way to the first clue we also stumbled up a second clue!

4photo 4 Jess and Francesca

After that I’m not sure if we just got smarter or if we just started running around and got lucky finding clues. The clues were pretty tough and rather long to read.

5photo 5 photo 6

There was a lot of selfie taking as you had to take pictures with each of the clues you found.

photo 4 photo 5 photo 7

We ran to each location so we were really getting a good workout/run in. There was also a lot of laughing as we would start running to a location and then realize we had no idea where we were going or would realize we were going in the wrong direction.

photo 8 photo 9

One of the clues you had to find someone with a drivers license from another state that started with the letters N, C, M, T or L. Pretty sure this couple was on the way to a wedding but they let us take pictures with them for the Challenge.

Even though we ran most of this “race” we ran way further than we probably had to. We ended up 19th out of 185ish teams with a time of 1:19. The overall winners finished in 50 mins. I’m not sure how far this race was supposed to be but we ran about 6-6.5 miles.(I fully admit we ran out of the way multiple times so we probably could have knocked off some miles and time.

Next year when this race comes around, everyone gather a team of friends and come run (or walk) around downtown Cleveland and figure out some fun clues. I guarantee you will have a good time!

2 thoughts on “Cleveland Challenge Recap: Everyone do this race next year!

  1. My friends and I did this,as well,and we had a blast! We didn’t look at it as a race, but more of an adventure. Our team consisted of four people: my husband and I,and two friends. Both of our friends work downtown,so they skimmed over the clues and pretty much knew right away what they were and where we were supposed to go.
    Since we weren’t running, we finished in just under 2 hours,but we didn’t do it for the “fitness” factor.
    It was a super fun event,and I can’t wait to do it again next year!
    Thanks for sharing your pictures and your experience of the event!

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