Running For Hope 5K Supporting Love Without Boundaries

I’m little behind on blogging lately as we are in the process of moving but I’m sure I’ll get caught up here pretty quickly.

The morning of this race is was quite toasty. Luckily most of the race is shaded as it takes place on a paved path and some trail in Avon. However, the trees that create the shade also create extra humidity on a hot day. I guess if I had to choose I would take the shade to get a break from the sun.

I did my normal 1.5 mile warmup and did most of it on the course so I knew what to expect once the race started.

Race Shirts!
Race Shirts!

When the race started I went out at a conservative 7:20 pace. My goal was to not go out too fast so I could have energy to push at the end. It paid off at the beginning because everyone who went out too fast I was able to pass in the first 1/2 mile. However, the whole race I felt like I was pushing it but my times were slipping.

At the turnaround I did my best to pick up the pace. I pushed and was able to pass 3 girls in the last mile of the race. Some were girls I sized up before the race and definitely thought they had me. I came in for the finish at 24:03! Holy crap what happened out there lol. I rarely run that time unless injured. I instantly felt better when I heard that everyone ran a minute or more slower than normal. I had the course GPS as accurate so my only thought is the humidity and trail slowed me down.

I ended up the 8th female overall and 1st in my age group! Which won me a $15 gift certificate to TGIFridays!

What is your favorite thing to order from TGIFridays?

2 thoughts on “Running For Hope 5K Supporting Love Without Boundaries

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