Wellington Cheese 10K

With 10K’s being rare in this area, I jumped at a chance to run this one (even if I was crunched for time because I needed to get 18 miles in before a wedding that afternoon). I’ve heard about it for the past couple years but always seem to be busy and can’t make it. But I made it this year!

Yes that is a stinky cheese square running
Yes that is a stinky cheese square running

This being my first time in Wellington OH, I assumed it was a flat area and but I didn’t know how cute it was, adorable little country town. Yet still an easy drive into the more suburban areas.

I had been having trouble with my Garmin watch but was hoping it would last for the race and miles after so I could get my long run in. Spoiler: Watch lasted for the race but not the miles after 😦 and hasn’t turned on since but it fully charged 😦

This race starts both the 5K and 10K at the same time but the race director did a good job of moving and young kids or walkers to the back. This was nice because it made for a seamless start to the race. A race that surprisingly brings out some decent talent.

I ran the first mile conservatively and tried to position myself among the 5Kers without going out too fast. However, my second mile was super slow, really for no reason other than I probably zoned out. The course remained flat and we eventually split off from the 5K and continued across a busy street and onto some residential areas. I think the only hill on the entire course was to go over some railroad tracks.

The whole race I really had no idea how many people were in front of me. I could see 1 girl but she was too far in front of me to catch. However, I got good wind at mile 3 and started to pick up my pace by 10 secs. I was slowly catching up to her but had to take my time and not go too hard too fast. I told myself if I didn’t get her by mile 5 then I probably wouldn’t catch her so I had hoped to catch her soon.

By mile 4.5 I was getting closer and was getting faster. Overall I was happy to be negative splitting this race! Mile 5 clicked and I realized I was getting closer to the other girl but realistically I wasn’t going to be able to catch her. Secretly I thanked her in my head for helping me to negative split. Eventually I could feel someone creeping up on me and I hoped it was a guy because I was at that point where I didn’t have much to kick left with less than a mile to go. Low and behold it wasn’t a guy it was Sarah!

If it was a guy creeping up I would have let them pass me buy and hold my pace. Since it was Sarah I glued myself to her to ride out the race and push both of us to good hard races. turning into the school I let Sarah continue the speedy pace because I was at the “Pukey Pace” where if I go any faster I am going to puke and not be able to run.

I made the almost a full lap around the track and ended up finishing 4th overall and 1st in my age group with a time of 46:22. To tell you how close 2nd and 3rd place were to me, I was 21 seconds behind 2nd place and 6 seconds behind 3rd.

I will definitely be back at this race next year with the hope of shaving some time off my 10K and getting a shiny new 10K PR!


5 thoughts on “Wellington Cheese 10K

  1. I love this race but was bummed I couldn’t make it this year. It’s always so well organized and a nice course (I’ve run both he 5k and 10k races).
    And your cute description of Wellington made me giggle. That’s where Aaron is from and works. It’s also where the Lorain County Fair is held. 🙂

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