Patrick Joyce 5K

Originally I was going to run the North Ridgeville Lions 10K since there are not many 10K’s around. However, Ryan read me the reason on why this local race was being held and I got all soft and had to support it.

It’s not just a scholarship fundraising run and it’s not just a race to support students from the local school, Our Lady of Angels, that want to attend St. Edwards High school. It’s a also a race to raise awareness to genetic heart conditions that can lead to sudden cardiac arrest. Which is what happened to a local West Park resident, Patrick Joyce, when he was just a freshmen in college.

We have been blessed with some amazing race temps in Cleveland this summer. And not just race temps but also general running temps. I could definitely get used to this. Anyways, this race was close enough that we could run to the start and use it as our warm up.

Start of the race
Start of the race

I knew the first mile of this race would be fast as it was straight and flat. I actually did really good at not going out too fast and held back a bit. I laughed as some of the young kids blew past me, knowing I would be passing them soon as they went out too fast.

The miles for this race did not blow by as we weaved through the streets of West Park. I felt like I was running smart but was completely dead. I slowly passed the kids who blew past me and slowly started to look ahead and pick off the next victim.

I ran most of the race alone but didn’t have anything in me to pick up the pace and my second mile was very slow. However, as I got close to the finish line I got excited as I looked at my watch and realized I might have a shot at a decent time. Or at least faster than I have been running lately.

I picked up the pace, got that nice vomit feeling where I push too hard and want to puke and came in for a 21:35! Which I was completely pumped about until I saw the race was .1 short 😦 Still I was happy with the time and how well I ran even though I felt like death during the race.

1st in my age group and 4th overall
1st in my age group and 4th overall

It’s pretty embarrassing when you are on the high podium and the person next to you is on the next step down and practically the same height. Also, I think these shorts might be lucky…

Pint glass awards
Pint glass awards

Pint glass awards are definitely a thing this year and I’m totally ok with that! However, can I put in a request for coffee mugs for next year…

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