Celebrate Westlake 5 Miler

For years I ran the Miles for Smiles 5K, when I moved to the westside, I went back and forth between running the Celebrate Westlake 5 miler and the Oktoberfest 5K. This year, like most, the 5 miler won my attention. I never race well at this race but it’s still a great race and great training.

Celebrate Westlake

This race falls on Labor Day weekend and is almost always very hot! (although the first year I did it, it was freezing cold and raining). The temps for the race were to start in the mid 70s and rise to 90 throughout the day so I was eager for the race to start before it got too hot.

I felt comfortable after a nice easy 1.5 mile warmup, however, as I walked to the start line I noticed that the temperature had already rose significantly.

The first mile is flat so my plan was to go out conservatively at a 7:20 pace. However, during the race I ended up going out at a 6:50 pace. Mix going out too fast with temperatures rising and my wheels just fall off. My 2nd mile was around a 7:50 but felt like I was pushing to a 10 minute pace. At mile 3 you run almost a mile on a flat trail. It messes with your time a little but not too bad.

After I finished the trail section, I think my legs finally recovered from going out too fast and started to get into their normal running routine. as I was suddenly below 7:30 paces. The last .5 of the race or so the 5K merges in but the road is huge and completely blocked off so there is plenty of room for everyone. However, it was nice to have more runners to pick off at the end of the race.

I finished as strong as I could for the race (and of course, almost puked). I ended up with a 38:41 a 7:44 pace. Which is pretty horrible for me. But you have to run some bad races to get some good races in!

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