Heroes Run 2014

The Heroes Run is one of those great local races that I look forward to every year. 2 years in a row I went and watched the race, last year I finally got the chance to run it for the first time and this year I ran it for a second time and can’t see any reason why I wouldn’t run it now.

Last year I ran Celebrate Westlake and sucked but then ran Heroes and did awesome! This year I again sucked at Celebrate Westlake so let’s see how I did at Heroes this year.

The race has a long straightaway to start so I easily held back knowing that after the straightaway is a down hill and then into my “home court” AKA the Metroparks. I felt really really good with a first mile in the 6:50s. My legs felt good after the first mile so I took off and just started to pick off runners. BOY RUNNERS! It was awesome.

photo 1(2)

Miles 2-3 have some rolling hills but I just ignored them and tackled them. As I was passing water stops the workers got really excited “ohh a girl! go girl!” which made me think “what place am I in?” I knew I wasn’t in the top 3 but I must have been close to have them get excited to see a girl.

Before I knew it I was closing in on HOGSBACK LANE. AKA HOGSBACK HILL. One of the meanest, toughest hills on the westside. Trust me you don’t mess with Hogsback, it will chew you up and spit you out. Unless your last name is Kieser and you can miraculously cruise up this hill, crushing your competition.

So Hogsback pretty much chewed me up and spit me out BUT I didn’t walk! I just kept moving and willing myself to the top. Once at the top my legs took a minute to get back together but then I took off again to pass more boys (one girl passed me on the hill). Through out the race I was thinking “I’m going to PR” or “I’m going to come close to PRing”. As I got closer to the finish I realized that I wasn’t going to PR.

I kept cruising and pushing to get to the finish line and ran a 37:38 a 7:32 pace. Apparently Hogsback really sucked up a lot of my time. Still a minute faster than the Celebrate Westlake race that was completely flat.

photo 2(2)

I ended up finishing 3rd in my age group but 7th overall female. I’ll see you next year Heroes Run!

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