MidTown Classic 10K

I’m about 3 weeks late writing this post but at least I haven’t skipped writing the recap. Ever since I have started my blog, I have blogged about every race I have ran, except 1. The one I didn’t write I was just so busy writing about other topics that months had gone by and I though it would have been silly to recap it at that point.

Anyways, about 3 weeks ago I ran this race and it was the 3rd year in a row doing so. I had 2 goals for the race, run a decent time in the 45-46 minute range and place top 3 overall.

Race morning was cold, rainy and windy which was a surprise compared to the nice weather we had been having. I brought 2 pairs of shoes to the race. 1 to warm up in and if they got wet I could change to another pair. I ended up not getting too wet during the warm up but changed shoes anyways so that I could race in my Hokas! I bought my first pair of Hokas recently and I may never run in anything else. Seriously great shoes.

The race starts the 5K and 10K at the same time so as the race started I had to remind myself to stay at my own pace. I tried to see how many people were in front of me but it was hard to tell with both races at the same time. As we got close to where the 5K split off I was just closing in on a girl and was excited to pass her. Unfortunately, as I went to pass her, she turned and was only running the 5K.

I looked ahead and tried to pick off my next victim. There was someone in the distance and I kept trying to figure out if it was a guy or a girl. Every time I got close to this runner they would get this sudden surge of energy and go ahead. At the turnaround point, I could tell I was in a solid 4th place female overall. There was no way I would catch the next female unless she decided to start walking. I also figured out the runner I was trying to pass was a guy lol.

At this point in the race, I felt really good. I looked at my watch and I was going to run a good time! Probably in the 45’s which was exactly where I wanted to be. I’m not sure what happened around mile 5 but I developed a horrible cramp in my side. Like the world’s worst side stitch. I told myself there was only a mile left and I totally had it in me. However, no matter what I did, the cramp just got worse. I almost wished that I would pass out because the pain was so bad. I slowed to a 9:30 pace and waited for the next runner to pass me. I even started to contemplate dropping out because I was in so much pain.

I really have no idea how I finished the race but I eventually did and even with slowing way down during the entire last 1.2 miles I managed to finish in 46:29 and 4th female overall but 2nd in my age group. The girl in 5th was close to getting me but I must have just barely kept ahead. As soon as I finished the race I thought the cramp would have stopped. However, it didn’t and it hurt just to walk.

Friends watching the news caught me on the news post race!
Friends watching the news caught me on the news post race!

3 weeks later, the doctors are trying to figure out what this pain was and why it is still causing me pain now. Luckily it has finally stopped hurting all the time but for weeks I couldn’t even walk without pain. Fun Times. Sorry for the downer of a recap LOL

Bodhi really likes the brick as well
Bodhi really likes the brick as well

The good news is I received my 2nd brick from this race for placing in my age group. The first year I ran it I didn’t place but ever since then I have made it my goal to get a brick!

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