A Christmas Story 10K

For years my last race of the year has been the Reindeer Run however, I have switched to running A Christmas Story race since it has a 10K distance and my husband is slightly obsessed with A Christmas Story the movie.

By slightly obsessed, I mean our Christmas card every year is A Christmas Story themed.

                    ChrristmasSentCards IMG_2692

The Christmas Story race last year had some horrible conditions from what I hear from Ryan. I was sick with Bronchitis and glued to the couch so I had to sit it out last year. This year I was very happy to see that the race weather was actually decent. A little windy but no snow and all the rain held off during the race.

This race is huge and draws a lot of runners and walkers. Which I feared would clog up the course, so I made sure to get close to the start line while not getting in the way of the top runners who would actually win the race. Kind of hard to figure out where to start when you have the 5K and 10K starting at the same time.

The race is an out and back course that starts by going up and over a bridge. While on the bridge you actually hit the 1 mile mark. After that the course is mainly flat and then it’s just a race to get to the Christmas story house if you are running the 5K. If you are running the 10K it is your turnaround (ish) point to head back to the startline/finish line.

A Christmas Story House
A Christmas Story House

I feel like I made it to the house quickly but my legs were just not moving. I mean they were moving and at a decent pace but I couldn’t get them to move any faster. I kept trying to catch the person in front of me but never could. On the way back the last bridge we had to go over had a ton of wind. Completely felt like running in place and not covering any distance. I probably lost about a minute on that bridge alone.

I picked up my pace once I got off the bridge and out of the wind. I ended up finishing 7th in my age group, 46:51 a 7:41 pace. Overall a good race but I was aiming for a 45.

Now that is the last race of the year. Next up is the New Orleans Marathon!

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