Turkey Trot 2014

On Thanksgiving I was able to pull my rib injury into place, just in time for the Annual Turkey Trot in Cleveland. Hard to believe that this was only my second race post Akron Marathon!

Nothing can top the horrible weather for the 2013 Turkey Trot but 2014 wasn’t much better. It was a giant sloppy slush trot for the thousands of runners that showed up on Thanksgiving morning. I definitely struggled for the first mile trying to get my footing down and lost a lot of time doing so. However, I would rather be sure of my footing  and not falling on my guza.

The race itself went by fairly fast. I barely noticed the uphill down and around the browns stadium or the uphill up E.9th street. The long straightaways were probably the worst and that’s when I noticed I was soaked up to my thighs! As I ran past people or they ran past me, the slush we were running in would splash up. It made for a very cold and wet run.

Coming in for the Finish
Coming in for the Finish

As I neared the finish line I was happy that I was able to catch the person dressed up as a Pilgrim. I slushed my way to the finish line for a 37:58 finish time, 9th in my old lady age group. Not exactly happy with my time but post rib injury I am just happy t be running again.

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