Cleveland Marathon Week 2: Treadmill Training

I have not ran outside since the Marathon I ran in New Orleans about 3 weeks ago. The snow, ice and cold have kept me on the treadmill but so far it’s going really well. I have a few tips that get me through treadmill runs.

  1. Don’t Dread It – Running on the treadmill is not ideal but it is still a good way to get in a solid run without dealing with the snow, ice or cold. Embrace the Treadmill.
  2. Cover It Up – punch in your pace and then cover up that treadmill screen with a towel or shirt. If you stare at the screen, time will creep by. (Your form will also suffer by looking down at the screen)
  3. Split it up – Run your first half at a comfortable pace and run the second half faster. Change the incline to give yourself a hill challenge. Run a couple miles, take a break, run a couple more until you reach your goal.
  4. Distraction – Listen to music or watch something on TV or an iPad. I like to pick a show to watch and that way I can watch a full episode as a workout.

Monday – AM workout – 6 Miles. PM workout – 2050 yd swim with the Lakewood Masters Swim Club
Tuesday – AM workout – Speedwork 1 mile warmup, 8×600 with 400 jog in between and 1 mile cooldown. PM Workout -1 hr ride on the trainer.
Wednesday – AM workout – 6 Miles easy. PM workout – 2025 yd swim and the worst calf cramp of my life (see below),
Thursday – Rest Day due to calf pain from day before
Friday – 1 hr ride on the bike trainer
Saturday – 12 miles on the treadmill. 8:30 pace and negative split the run.
Sunday – 3.32 miles in the am. 1 hour spin class at Ride+Workout, 2.68 miles after brunch. Conditioning after dinner

Total Running Mileage: 36.7

Had to skip the Chili Bowl 5K due to the snowstorm and freezing temps we had on Saturday but Ryan gave me an amazing Valentine’s day gift that will be very handy for marathon and Ironman training.

Kit Kats and Garmin 910!
Kit Kats and Garmin 910!

Wednesday while swimming I got a calf cramp. I am not talking tightness or feels funny or like something is pulling. I’m talking my calf completely shifted over to my shin and felt like someone had shoved some tennis balls in there. You are supposed to gently stretch and flex your foot to relieve it. However, I was in so much pain, there was no moving. Just holding on to my calf for dear life.

After a few minutes the cramping stopped but it was so sore that I couldn’t put pressure on it and when I tried I thought it would cramp all over again. I was bummed because it ruined my swim workout. I canceled my run in the morning because it was still really sore. However, by Saturday I was able to get back to running again.

And for anyone who is wondering, yes I eat plenty of bananas and am fully hydrated. I will be in my compression socks for the next couple of runs just to make sure.

Anyone else deal with some cramping? Anyone else live on the treadmill?

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