Malachi 5 Miler 2015

Finally, the blizzards have stopped and the roads were unfrozen and I was able to get out for a road race in Cleveland. Just in time for the Malachi 5 Miler. I think I have been participating in this race since 2007 or 2008 so it’s nice to keep the tradition going.

Ryan and I pre-race
Ryan and I pre-race

My training had been going really well so I set a lofty goal to run anything in the 35s for this race. I had calculated the paces and was that I could achieve that goal.

The race started and I did really good at  holding a perfect 7 minute pace. There is some downhill during the first mile that definitely helps. After the first mile I felt really good going into the second mile running another 7 minute pace. However, around mile 2.5 I started to zone out and lost my pace. I should have had someone meet me at mile 3 to pace me the rest of the way but I didn’t think of that until I was at mile 3.

At mile 3.5 I started to pick it back up to a 7:15 pace but couldn’t quit get down to the 7 minute pace I was aiming for. With 2 up hills on the second half of the course, it’s hard to pick up the pace. At the top of the last hill I started to really leg my legs go and barrel down the hill. I don’t normally take the downhills too hard because it wrecks my quads but I was trying to cut some time off my race and get as close to “something in the 35s” as I could.

Heel striking down the bridge
Heel striking down the bridge

As I turned the last corner and neared the finish line, I saw that I did not make it into the 35s, I instead ran a 37:01 a 7:24 pace.I was definitely disappointed in my time but it was faster than last years time. I was also 6th in my age group which is pretty good for me considering there are well over 200 women in my age group.

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