Hermes Run Like A God 10 Miler

Yes, I am almost 2 months late on writing posts but I still want to keep up with my race recaps because that was the whole reason I started this blog. To remember my races and my running journey.

Back in April I ran the Hermes 10 Miler. I had some unfinished business on that course/race and had been looking forward to it all year. My Hanson’s training plan was the perfect recipe for a 10 mile PR.

Before the race, I had spent a lot of time calculating my race plan and how I would attack the course. I looked at my tempo runs and dialed into a very specific pace that I wanted to run. The pace would have me finish sub 1:15 which would be a 10 mile PR for me.

Race day morning was a little colder than I had expected but I still tried to dress as light as possible. Which meant capri’s and a jacket. I don’t do cold well.

For the first 3 miles of the race, I paid very close attention to my watch and to the times I had written on my hand. I wrote the 3 mile mark, 5 mile mark, and 8 mile mark on my hand. My goal was to get to each mile marker on time. Not too Early and not too late.


I ended up hitting the 3 mile mark early, not too surprising since the course has some downhill at the beginning. I had gotten past the phase of passing or being passed and was in a groove with some runners where we were all running similar paces. By mile 5 I was running with another runner who was keeping the pace pretty even but I still hit mile 5 a little early.


I knew there were some hills towards the end so I told myself to ignore them all and just get to my mile 8 split on time. I had hit all my other times early so I had some cushion if I needed it.

When I hit mile 8, I started doing the math in my head and was pretty confident I would PR but was not sure by how much.

Coming in for the finish
Coming in for the finish

The last part of the race winds around so you can see the finish line but it’s a lot farther away than it looks. As I started to get closer to the finish line I started to feel like I would puke. Awesome! That must mean I am pushing myself hard! I slowed down just a bit but then sprinted the last straightaway.

PR Smile
PR Smile

I crossed the finish line so proud of myself. A HUGE 10 Mile PR. 1:13:44 a 7:22 pace.

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