Run Puritas 5K

The past couple years Ryan and I have been participating in the Run Puritas 5K. It’s a local race that supports the West Park community’s housing, senior, and youth services so we make sure to attend every year and show our support. This year the attendance was amazing so I was so happy to see how much it has grown.

Modified Race shirt
Modified Race shirt

I have so many basic race shirts that I have been experimenting with cutting them to fit me better. Making the sleeves shorter, making the bottom not so long, sometimes cutting neck line out. Makes the shirt a little more fitted!

Race day I wasn’t going for a PR but was hoping for a time in the low 21’s. I had a goal for the summer that I am going to slowly chip away at my 5K time. So when the race started I let lots of people blow past me and tried to go out slow. I looked down and saw a 7 minute pace and thought “Perfect!”

The race director’s son pulled up next to me and I was pumped because I knew that we could run together for the next 2 miles so I would have someone to help keep me accountable and on pace.

However, after the first mile, I lost my friend and we both lost our paces. I don’t know what happened. The race is flat and I felt like I was pushing hard but when I saw my pace way off my goal I immediately picked it back up.

I fought hard to catch the girl who was in first but in the end my second mile really hurt me and I ended up in second place. 5K’s lately just haven’t been my thing when I am training for marathons. I can’t keep the speed and long distance, it’s one or the other.

IMG_4027Naturally, since I was 2nd overall, I was first in my age group! My official time was 21:42 which really wasnt’ that far off from what I was aiming for. And in case you were wondering how Ryan did, he won, obviously.

One thought on “Run Puritas 5K

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