Winking Lizard 4 Miler 2015

Signing up for summer races you always have the threat of it being a hot race. Well the Winking Lizard 4 miler was exactly that this year. Which is the complete opposite of the monsoon from last year’s Winking Lizard 4 miler.

It doesn’t help that this race starts in the evening, usually round 6pm, which can be the hottest part of the day. But that’s also part of the fun! Being able to sleep in and do a night race and then maybe grab some drinks afterwards with other runner friends. Also the night races tend to bring out non runners who don’t want to get up early for races.

After a quick 1.5 mile warm up I thought “wow it’s hot” “But totally manageable” and had little worries before the race. Other than I was going to be very sweaty after.

Just before the race started I ran into a bunch of runner friends all at once and it was so nice to quickly catch up with them. When the race started, so many people went out very fast and quickly died due to the heat. Within the first couple minutes it was nice to pass so many people.

I felt pretty good up until mile 2. At mile 2 I felt like I hit a wall and was completely done. I was so hot and nauseous almost instantly. Shortly after mile 2, everyone around me started walking and I was looking around like ” did they cancel the race due to heat?” Walking sounded like a great idea to me at that point.


I eventually saw the next mile marker sign and was hoping that I somehow missed the 3 mile marker and this was somehow a 3.5 mile marker. The thought of runner 1 more mile in the heat sounded awful.

Still Melting
Still Melting

However, when I got to that mile marker it was the 3 mile mark and I had to keep going. Usually towards the end of a race I have a nice kick and can’t pick up the pace hard for the last bit. However, for this race I had nothing. I ended up finishing in 30:22. My goal was to go sub 29 and i wasn’t even close. I did place 3rd in my age group! I have no idea how that happened, when I originally looked at results I was 4th but something must have changed!

Put a fork in me, I am done!
Put a fork in me, I am done!


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