2015 Huntington Sprint Triathlon

I had not planned on doing a Sprint Triathlon this summer because the focus was all long course stuff this year. Also, triathlons are expensive, even sprint ones! However, I sucked it up and signed up for NCN’s Huntington Triathlon. I wanted to do the Fairport Harbor Tri but it’s almost an hour drive and Huntington was only 15 minutes. I also heard really good things about the Huntington race so I was excited to finally race it.

When I got to the race, I was surprisingly calm and felt ready to go! I felt like I had enough training under my belt and I could totally do this. Plus it was only a sprint. I swim, bike and run more than twice the distance multiple times a week this should be a breeze.

The Swim – 400 meters

The swim was a run into the water start. When the gun went off I ran into the water, got out of breath and when I went to swim, I freaked out. Not like flailing my arms or anything but just couldn’t get a breath or put my face in the water. The swim doesn’t go too well when you a going back and forth between a sad butterfly/doggie paddle stroke and flipping on your back to do a back stroke. I wanted to flag in a kayak to come save me and just quit all together. I didn’t though because I know I can swim much farther than 400 meters. I got passed by almost the entire wave of swimmers that started 4 minutes after me and was pretty sure I was the last one to get out of the water. Ryan has assured me that I wasn’t but I think it was probably really close. I finished the swim in 25:49 and 6th or last in my age group. There was a current so we actually ended up swimming .41 of a mile instead of .25

T1 – 2:09

Coming out of the water I really wanted to quit and just call it a day. However, seeing Ryan when I got out of the water immediately gave me a confidence boost. I could also tell I probably freaked him out since the swim was not supposed to take me that long.

The Bike – 12 Miles

I have been working hard on the bike this summer and was really excited to race on the bike on closed roads. Well somewhat closed roads. I got passed by 1 person early on in the bike when I was going 15 mph. After that I kept picking it up and before I knew it I was at 17 mph and was passing lots of people. I had to make up for that horrible swim so I was doing my best on the bike to make up for it. I think I passed about 8 people on the bike. I finished in 42:01, averaging 17.1 mph and was 3rd or 4th in my age group.

T2 – 1:21

The Run – 3.1 miles

Now the run is where I excel so I had one more chance to redeem myself. The entire bike I had to convince myself that I was ok and that I could do this. The swim really messed with my mojo! The run has some hills in it so it’s not ideal and no one runs amazing coming right off the bike. You need that couple of minutes to get your legs in running mode. About 2 minutes into the run I was able to get a good pace going and slowly started picking off runners. I picked off 4 runners right off the bat, then I just focused on pace and tried to increase every mile. And I did! I have no idea ow but I kept picking it up and continued to pass more and more people. Before I knew it I had passed 10 people! I was at a sub 7:30 pace at this point and I usually aim for 8 minute miles for tri stuff. I ended up doing to run in 25:53 an 8:22 pace.

Yes, that is an uphill finish!
Yes, that is an uphill finish!

Overall I finished 4th in my age group with a time of 1:37:19. To be honest I was very disappointed in myself, mostly the swim. I actually had to have a long talk with Ryan so that I could figure things out and decide if I wanted to continue on with Ironman training. In the end, I decided the swim had to be a fluke and I just need to practice more. I signed up for another sprint tri later that day.

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