Shawshank Hustle Race

The Ohio Reformatory in all her glory
The Ohio Reformatory in all her glory

When I first heard of the Shawshank race I immediately thought it was in Mansfield and that would be too far of a drive to race. However, the more I thought about it, I just couldn’t resist passing up this race. Sadly, I didn’t register in time and it sold out. Then for some reason it opened back up and Ryan and I both registered immediately so that we wouldn’t miss out.

IMG_4388I’d be lying if I said for months we were looking forward to this race. We even watched the movie the week of the race to pump ourselves up.

The shirts and finisher medals for the race both glow in the dark!
The shirts and finisher medals for the race both glow in the dark!

Getting up early the day of the race was a piece of cake because we were so excited to get to this race. And also a little nervous because there was limited parking by the starting line. We got there early enough for parking and easily got our packets. We had plenty of time before the race to just hang out and chill.

IMG_4389We decided to do a longer warm up since we had long runs to do and didn’t want to be doing all day long. We started with a 1.5 mile warm up, then the race got pushed back so we did another mile to stay warm and then the race got pushed back again so we did a little more and ended up with a 3.5 mile warm up.

Normally I would be annoyed with a race starting later than scheduled but because this was a first time race and it was a rather large race, I decided to be patient and not get mad about it. The only thing that was really annoying me was that it was getting hot out and I was getting hungry.

IMG_4470The race starts with an uphill and I know Mansfield is fairly hilly so I did my best to hold back and not go out too fast. However, I think I underestimated the hills for this race and quickly realized how hard this race was going to be.


Now the course is an odd distance and one that I have not run before. The course measured at 4.66miles. My mindset was to run it like a 5 miler and with the hills I hoped to have something left at the end to finish strong. The 56 year old Maureen was at this race and passed me around mile 2 and all I could think was “please stay with her, she’s going to run a good time”

IMG_4499Once again I underestimated the hills and even running this race like a 5 miler was tough. I kept pushing myself though and this race was no where near as hot as the Shot in the Dark 4 miler, even though it was starting to heat up.

Before I knew it, I was climbing the last couple of hills and I could see the exit we came off of so I knew I was getting close to the finish which meant a downhill was coming. I could still see 56 year old Maureen so I was hoping to catch up to her so that I could photo bomb her finish picture.

However, coming down that last hill she slowed down so I took off and kept going so she ended up photo bombing my finish picture! However, based off chip time, she beat me by 3 seconds!

IMG_4498I ended up 4th in my age group, just barely missing placing and was 19th overall with a time of 36:10. Ryan ended up with 2nd overall which is pretty amazing as there were some speedy people there. I’m just happy he can keep up with me these days. (Just kidding Ry)

This race happened to fall on our anniversary weekend so after the race we finished our long runs. 15 miles for me and 17 for Ryan and then we toured the Ohio Reformatory.

IMG_4457 IMG_4430 IMG_4409

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