The Perfect 10 Miler

This race was not originally on my schedule but I decided last minute to run it because I thought it might be a nice tune up to see where I was at for the half marathon that would be the following week. In the past I have ran this race and always enjoyed the course. However, they have changed it since I last ran it so the course was going to be a little different. I knew that but I did not realize how much it had change.

Ryan and I pre-race
Ryan and I Pre-race

I am pretty sure Ryan and I were the first ones to arrive on race day but better to arrive early and be prepared than to arrive late and be rushed. We had plenty of time to use the restrooms and get warmed up. We were able to warm up on the first and last mile of the course so we could get a taste of the hills at the end of the race. We had no idea just how hilly the course would be though.

The start of the race was delayed 15 mins due to the athletic director not showing up to unlock the gates to the track that was part of the race course. As the race started we were unsure as to if the course would include the track or not, also meaning that we did not know if the course was going to be short or not.

The first couple miles of the race were pretty hilly so I immediately slowed my pace down. I had hopes that the course would flatten out and I could get my pace back on track. Speaking of track, when we got to the track it was open! Not sure if the person with keys showed up or if the locks were cut before the runners came through.

Somewhere on the course - My weird face is because I was chewing gum during the race.
Somewhere on the course – My weird face is because I was chewing gum during the race.

Throughout the entire course I kept thinking that it couldn’t get any hillier. That the hills had to stop and we would have some relief with some downhills. However, this never seemed to happen and my pace slowly decreased.

I remember climbing the last hill thinking how in the world is this course so hilly! I was well past my goal time, well past the pace I was aiming for and just so done with hills. I finally made it to the top of the hill and knew I was very close to the finish line. I tried to pick up my pace and took the headphones out of my ears as I neared the finish line.

This is my "I'm totally done with hills" face
This is my “I’m totally done with hills” face

I’m not sure how but I managed to finish 2nd in my age group with a 1:19:21. I thought for sure I wouldn’t because this race is usually pretty competitive. I was very happy with my time for such a hilly course. I was not so happy with the fact that I had to get a couple more miles in after the race and I was surrounded by nothing but hills. I would have to say I am undecided if I would run this race again next year.

I was a little relieve when I found out these mugs were our awards for placing in our age groups.



One thought on “The Perfect 10 Miler

  1. I could not agree with you more! I used to really enjoy this race, but since they changed the course, it is no longer PERFECT in my opinion. congrats on placing!!!

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