Akron Goodyear Half Marathon

Almost every year I participate in the Akron Marathon/Half Marathon or Relay in September. Well, this year the great people at the Akron marathon develop a summer series of races. I didn’t sign up for all 3 races in the series because it was too expensive. I did sign up for the August Goodyear Half and the Akron Half Marathon in September though.

We arrived super early to the start of this race because we have no idea where we are going in Akron and because it always seems that the freeways are crazy and end up being congested. Since we arrived early we got awesome parking literally in the parking garage next to the start/finish line.

We are mastering the pre-race photo
We are mastering the pre-race photo

I really don’t know my way around Akron but it was nice to warm up in a new place. The only bad part was I warmed up, was ready to race and this race started super early in the morning but not everyone arrived early like we did and the race start time got pushed back. That has happened way too often lately and I’m kind of annoyed that people can’t get to a race on time.

When the race finally started, I had planned to stick with the 1:40 pace group. Yay for having pace groups at a half marathon! I didn’t think I would PR at this race but I was hoping to run around a 1:43. However, at about mile 3 I lost my pace group. There were so many hills that I had to slow down my pace!

I thought no big deal, Akron is known to be hilly, I’ll be ok and catch back up in no time….

That really never happened, I swear the race just got more and more hilly. I never got a break from the hills. That seems to be a common theme in my races lately. At every hill I kept thinking we would come back down but that didn’t really happen. Luckily, as it got hotter I really didn’t notice and was able to keep moving.

Akron Half Marathon Burn Rubber 2015 - 1I don’t think the heat even started to both me until the last mile or so. When we got to the race track, I finally started to realize how hot it was. I kept moving around the race track because I knew I would be almost done after that and that the track was about a mile.

Akron Half Marathon Burn Rubber 2015 - 2As I neared the finish line I knew I was way off my goal as the 1:45 pace group passed me around mile 8. I ended up coming in at 1:47:04 and 6th in my age group. I wasn’t super excited about my time but I was super glad I wasn’t running the full in Akron this year! I could be wrong but I think part of the course for the Goodyear Half is the same for the Akron Marathon this year.

Me with all my goodies
Me with all my goodies

I have to mention that this race was extremely well run, especially for a first year event. I crossed the finish line and was given my medal, chocolate milk, gatorade, water and a cold wet towel. A COLD WET TOWEL! That has to be the most genius idea that I have ever heard of. Also with the race you got free food from Swensons! I’ll definitely be back next year!

All the race swag and of course Bodhi snuck in
All the race swag and of course Bodhi snuck in

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