Lake Erie Waterfest Splash & Dash Sprint Tri

After the Huntington Sprint Tri I contemplated retiring from triathlons. This may be the first time I have said that out loud. The swim was so bad for me that I couldn’t imagine swimming 1.2 or 2.4 miles in open water. I was going to throw away my Ironman dreams. The entire drive home I was very disappointed and Ryan and I had to have a conversation on what to do next. I decided I could either give up OR get back out there and train harder.

Obviously I got back out there and kept working. I also signed up for another race as soon as I could so I could get back out there and prove to myself that I could swim in open water.

I got to this race early and set up my transition area while trying to remain calm. I was doing good until I saw the water. There were a lot of waves. Fairly big waves, at least to me but it looked like the big waves were close to shore and where you could still stand. The farther out you went the water flattened out. I think that’s probably the best scenario I would have hoped for.

The Swim – 14:54

The swim  was a literally straight out and back course. I’ve never seen that in a triathlon before but I actually really liked it. I did good for the first couple strokes and then I started to freak out. I did a really good job of staying calm and just doggy paddled til I calmed down enough to start putting my face back in the water. After I put my face in the water I just tried to breathe on every stroke. I did ok but still had to doggy paddle to remain calm. When I got to the turnaround buoy, I told myself I had to swim normal all the way back. And I did! Finally felt good on the swim! Minus the fact that I had a full sleeve wetsuit on and it was a little warm.

T1 – 1:37

I’ve never worked on my transitions but I really good at getting ready quickly and especially  changing quickly. Seriously, if you ever go shopping with me, I am really fast at changing in the changing rooms.

The Bike – 41:12

My goal was to do the bike in under 40 minutes but I came up just a bit short. This was the first time I really hammered the bike. And by hammered I averaged 17.5 mph. Really not that fast but I was happy with it. I probably lost a little time going through the cud-de-sacs and close to an intersection I had to wait to pass some ladies to avoid drafting. I don’t even know if there were draft rules in place but better to be safe.


T2 – 1:19

Another fast transition. Not mad about it.

The Run – 24:15

My watch timed the run at 23:20 but I’m happy with a 24:15so I won’t complain. Plus who knows where the timing mats were and I may have started my watch late. After hammering the bike I was pretty sure my legs would be useless but I was still going to try for a 25 minute 5K. It took my legs less than 1 minute to find their running legs but after that I took off and picked off runners as I went. The best part about triathlons is with a running background I get to pass a lot of people during the run. It’s nice to be able to make up some time in the sport you excel at. Especially when the swim and the bike are so bad.

Look at that stride!
Look at that stride!

Overall Finish Time: 1:23:20


In case you need a reminder, I did the Huntington Triathlon just a few weeks before this in 1:37:19. Took well over 10 minutes off my sprint triathlon time. It was exactly the confidence boost I needed to continue with Ironman training. Felt good to be back on track and even better to place 1st in my age group! This was my first time placing in a triathlon.

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