River Run Half Marathom 2015

I am suddenly reminded that I should probably write race recaps within the first 2 weeks that I do a race. Otherwise, I am left doing them 2+ months later and trying to remember how it went and what the weather was like. AKA be a better blogger Jess.

I don’t remember exactly what the weather was like but I believe I remember seeing people somewhat bundled. Tights, capris, long sleeves etc. I was feeling brave and went with shorts and compression socks.

I usually try to make River Run a goal half marathon for the year. I feel it is a PR friendly course and it goes through some areas that I run through regularly so it is familiar to me. I can pick off my favorite area that I run through. I can also chip away and know exactly where I am on the course at all times.

River Run 2015 1

This year it was even easier to know where I was on the course because I had spent a lot of time biking in the metroparks while training for the Ironman.

Originally when I signed up for the River Run half marathon, I was pretty sure it would be my goal running race of the year and the race that I would PR at. As it got closer to race day, I slowly realized that the half marathon PR likely was not there. Ironman training slowly took over my life so a speedy half marathon did not seem likely.

That didn’t mean I wouldn’t give it a try though. Basing off the past couple races of the summer I decided I would probably run a 1:42-1:43 and set out at that pace. Within the first mile, I found my unofficial pacer Maureen. Maureen is a local runner who kicks my ass at almost every race. I don’t know how she does it since she is in her 50s! She is pretty much my life goal to run her paces at that age.

I seriously spent the rest of the race pacing with Maureen. Neither one of us was backing down on the pace and it was awesome because it was exactly where I wanted to be. And I didn’t want to slow down because I knew I would never get back to that pace.

River Run 2015 2

However, after a tough battle, at mile 12 I was done. Not done done and had to walk done. Just done running a 7:xx pace (I have no idea what pace we were running). The last mile was easily my slowest but I kept trucking along to the finish.

I finished the race in 1:43:13, exactly where I thought I would be and I had zero disappointments in this race. I was actually very pleased with how I executed it. After the race I discovered that I had actually placed in my age group!!! This race is huge so I didn’t expect that to happen.

We celebrated the race with a crab and shrimp boil.

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