Dead Sprint 5K 2015

My plan in running the Great Pumpkin 5K was that it would prepare me to run awesome at the Dead Sprint 5K. Or at least prepare me to run a time where I don’t go out too fast and die out before the first mile.

I thought this was the 2nd year for this race but I couldn’t find any results for this race from last year. I assumed it would be a pretty good sized race since it is right by Halloween. Who doesn’t love a themed race? Or if you are me, you love themed everything.

For this race, I hoped to go 22:35 or faster, didn’t matter how much faster. I just wanted to improve on last weeks’ time. On my own this time because my pacer was also running the race.

Dead sprint

It was really hard not to go out too fast for this race because there were a lot of kids at the race who sprinted out right away. I picked a few people in my sight and tried to keep them there for the first half mile of the race. This way I wouldn’t fall too far back but hopefully not go out too fast too.

Dead sprint start

I was feeling pretty confident most of the race and never really felt like my pace was drifting too much. I have this new thing where I try not to look at my watch when racing and just push myself no matter how I feel. This way if I look down and feel like I am dying but see a slow pace, I won’t feel so bad. Or if I feel good and see an awesome pace I won’t slow down and think I have time to relax. If that makes any sense.

At some point, past the halfway mark, someone passed me and I thought, Hmm they look familiar. It took me a minute but I recognized their Cleveland Marathon Ambassador shirt and realized it was Joe Fell! I secretly hoped I could catch up to him but he was crushing it and there was no way I could keep up.

Towards the end of the race, I couldn’t tell if I was starting to slow up or if I was just tired. I saw 2 people in my sight before the last turn and assumed I could only catch 1 of them. I caught the first one faster than I expected and the next one in the sight was a girl and I couldn’t tell if she was in my age group or not. Her pace was slowing so I took off and passed her and hoped to gain a lead so that she wouldn’t catch up. How embarrassing would it be to pass someone at the end of the race only to have them catch back up and pass you!

I mean, look how close she actually was!

Jess DEAD sPRINT finish

After I had passed her, I assumed there was so distance between up but I heard fans on the side cheering a girls name and I assumed it was her catching back up! Luckily, the finish line was close and I finished with a time of 23:13 and 2nd in my age group. Definitely not the time I was looking for at all but overall, what did I really expect after doing long course events 90% of the year.

Ryan Finish Dead Sprint

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