Reindeer Run 2015

The Reindeer Run has always been a favorite of mine even when it was super cold. However, the past 2 years I have missed this race. One year I missed it because I was sick and another year I ran the Christmas Story race instead. However, the Christmas Story race was too pricey this year so I came back to run the Reindeer run.

Reindeer Run Sweatshirts
I mean how sweet are these!

I had also heard that the age group awards for this race were snowglobes so I was pretty determined to place in my age group. In past years they have had blankets or ornaments so I know their awards do not disappoint.

I really wished I had someone to pace me for this race but I dragged my feet on actually asking someone. Lately, having someone to pace me has been huge in keeping me exactly where I want to be. I had did my research on past times at this race and was pretty sure I needed to run in the 21s or maybe a low 22 to place.

I am not sure who is inside the mascot but this is the second time that a mascot has hugged me and not let my significant other in the picture.

It was pretty chilly for this race so I had all my layers on to keep myself warm. I think I even busted out the hand warmers for this race. I was excited for this race to start so I could stay warm too.

I went out a little fast for this race but not too bad and ended up running the first mile in 7:10 which was exactly what I wanted. My second mile is notorious for being too slow but I held on and ran pretty close to 7:10 again. For the last mile, I did everything I could to hold on and push the pace but was pretty sure I wasn’t going to hit my time goal.

I ended up actually hitting my goal and crossed the finish line in 22:10 a 7:08 pace. However, I knew 2 other girls who were there in my age group and was pretty sure I missed placing. However, I gave it a good shot and was happy with my time.

As they were annoucing awards for my age group, they called my name! I placed 2nd!!!! I got one of the snowglobe awards I wanted!!!! Jillian took first in our age group and Ryan was 1st in his age group. Not a bad way to finish out the year!

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