Turkey Trot 2015

There are so many great things to talk about from this years Turkey Trot! The weather was amazing, like seriously the best it has been in years. I’m talking shorts and me not shivering at the start because it was so warm. But this race was also great because Ryan’s cousin came with us to do the 5K that they added this year!


I love running this race because it has been about 8 years in a row that I have ran this race but its nice to get out and run on a holiday. Its also nice that this race is so big that I know I will never place in my age group so I can truly run my own race and don’t get trapped up in the excitement and go out too fast.

The start of the race was delayed because there were so many people who showed up to register the day of. I’m pretty annoyed with this at this point because it has happened at so many races this year. Its especially annoy to warm up and think the race is starting but then have it pushed back so your muscles get cold. And sometimes there is not enough time to warm back up or you are stuck in your corral.

Anyways, the race eventually started and for once it was nice to have traction and not be slipping all over wet snow or ice. I was hoping to keep my pace around 7:20 and the first mile was a little faster than that. Second mile has some uphill but I still hit close to 7:20. The 3rd and 4th miles absolutely sucked. I have no idea what happened but my time slipped big time.

The 5th mile was awesome! I ran just under a 7 minute pace and was weaving in and out of runners because the 5K runners were now merged with the 5 mile runners.


I ended up running 37:56, a 7:35 pace. Not 100% what I was going for. I was hoping to be anywhere in the 36s.

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