2016 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Training Plan And The Giveaway Winner.

I went back and forth between doing the 8K/Half marathon for the Cleveland Marathon Challenge Series this year and just the full marathon. In the end, I decided to sign up for the full for 3 reasons.

  1. My long runs have been at 14 miles for 2 months now so it seems silly to train for a half marathon when I am already past that distance.
  2. I looked at my old adjusted Hanson’s plan from last year and saw lots I couldn’t wait to do all over again and a couple things I would do differently.
  3. I can still remember how much fun I had last year. For days and weeks afterwards the race all I wanted to do was run it again.

To build this plan, I looked at a traditional Hanson Plan from their book. (You can probably find this online too). I then did some rearranging of the plan, I like to to speedwork on Tuesdays, tempo on Thursday and long runs on Saturdays. Traditionally, the plan only has you going up to a 16 mile long run. However, I decided I would make some changes and do some long runs past 16 miles.

I also built this plan around going to Boston in April to watch my husband run the marathon and around the races that I have signed up for already. I have 2-3 other races not on the calendar. I am waiting to see what the weather does and how my training goes.

Hansons plan


The best part about this plan is that it both scares me and inspires me. I saw some huge improvements on my times with the last Hanson’s plan I did in 2015 and when I started that plan I thought “there is no way I can hold a tempo run at that pace” or “3×2 mile repeats sounds so hard” But I did it!

Besides running, I do lots of foam rolling and attempt to be good about strength training and cross training. My favorite strength training exercises are basic situps, pushups, squats etc or anything from the Nike Training app. I find lots of good moves on there. My favorite cross training activities are swimming, spinning and the elliptical.


Last weekend, the Cleveland Marathon and Fleet Feet put together a group training run. They will have more of these throughout the year but it’s a great way to run with a group and meet other local athletes who are also training. The event is free and they had free bagels and coffee after!

There were lots of great entries for the giveaway. You guys were blowing me away with your answers! I used Random.org to pick the winner and the lucky winner is…



Alison, shoot me an email at mojamala2blog@gmail.com and I will get you signed up!

If you didn’t win this giveaway, check out the other Cleveland Marathon Ambassadors for their giveaways!



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