Cleveland Marathon Training Weeks 3 and 4: Keeping my schedule flexible

There has been a lot going on the past 2 weeks. You may have noticed for week 3 I switched my long run from Saturday to Thursday. I did end up splitting my Thursday long run up and did 10 miles before work and 5 miles after. I don’t normally run after work but it was nice to get my long run in so that I could go out on Friday night and not dread getting a long run in the next day. I always keep flexibility in mind when training. If everything was dead set in my plan I would be miserable!


Training week 3 was probably one of the best weeks of my training so far. Everything was clicking and I was feeling fast. However, usually when that happens I end up injured or with random things that hurt. So I took it a little easy for training week 4 but I did add in a lot of hills into my 15 mile long run for Saturday. I don’t want to see hills for weeks now.

Training Week 3

Monday – 7 Easy Miles (8:52 pace)
Tuesday – Speedwork – 1 mile warmup, 6×800  with 400 jog in between and 1 mile cooldown.
Wednesday – 3 mile easy run and 45 min Elliptical
Thursday – 10 miles in the am (8:40 pace) and 5 miles in the pm (7:56 pace)
Friday – Rest Day
Saturday – 1 mile warm up 7 Mile Tempo (7:47 pace) and 1 mile cooldown
Sunday –  5 Mile Run (8:42 pace)

Total Running Mileage: 45.3

Training Week 4

Monday – 5 Easy Miles (8:36 pace) and 1 hour spinning class
Tuesday – Speedwork – 1 mile warmup, 4x1K with 400 jog in between and 1 mile cooldown.
Wednesday – Rest Day
Thursday – 1 mile warmup and 7 mile tempo  (7:47 pace) and 1 mile cooldown
Friday – Rest Day
Saturday – 15 Mile Long Run (Very Hilly) (9:18 pace)
Sunday –  3 Mile run easy (8:49 pace), 1 Hour Spinning Class

Total Running Mileage: 35.12

I know it seems weird to stay hydrated in the winter but stay on top of it. Whether you are running outside or inside, you are sweating and need to replace those. I sip on water constantly throughout the day and always take a water bottle with me to the gym. On Saturdays post long run, my Nuun hydration bottle follows me around so I can keep hydrating after I am done running. I’m currently obsessed with the blueberry pomegranate flavor.


Nuun is currently running a promotion if you wanted to pick some up yourself. Use the promo code sharethenuun for 30% off through 2/16 when you place an order on nuun.com/shop.

What is your favorite way to hydrate? How do you keep your schedule flexible?

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