Cleveland Marathon Training Weeks 9 and 10 – The Pain Train Continues

I wish I could say that the pain has gone away and I am in the clear. However, it has not and I have been extremely careful with my training. Which means skipping lots of runs. I have another doctor appointment on Tuesday to see how I am doing. Until then my right leg is holding together with KT Tape for my groin and hamstring. Fun Times.

The dogs like to climb on me while I am doing my exercises…


Training Week 9

Monday – 7 Easy Miles (8:48 pace)
Tuesday – Speedwork – 1 mile warmup, 3×1600 with 400 jog in between and 1 mile cooldown.
Wednesday – 1 hour Elliptical
Thursday – 1 mile warmup and 7.5 mile tempo  (7:47 pace) and I stopped there. It was too hot in the gym to continue.
Friday – 2 Easy miles to test my legs and 40 mins on the elliptical
Saturday – 13 mile long run –  Malachi 5 Miler – 2 mile Warm Up, 5 Mile Race, 6 mile Cool Down
Sunday –  Rest Day

Total Running Mileage: 38.01


Even though my right leg has been quite troublesome, I have been able to get in some races. I cannot stress the importance of races enough. Racing now will help me to see what my times are and to predict what I might run in Cleveland. This way I can dial in my pace and not go in too fast or too slow. It also helps to get some racing experience so you can get comfortable with your pre-race routine.

Training Week 10

Monday – Speedwork – 1 mile warmup, 6×1600  with 400 jog in between and 1 mile cooldown. It wasn’t pretty
Tuesday – 1 hour Elliptical
Wednesday – 1 mile warmup and 9 mile tempo  (7:47 pace) and 1 mile cooldown
Thursday – Rest Day
Friday – Rest Day
Saturday – 17 mile long run – 1 mile run, ridiculously hilly 13.1 and 3 mile cooldown
Sunday –  20 mins on the recumbent bike and 20 minutes walking

Total Running Mileage: 38


Everyone always says “you run so you can eat whatever you want.” Which is kinda true and on long or hard workout days I might take advantage of this. However, eating “whatever I want” doesn’t necessarily fuel me for my runs or races.I tend to eat the same meals over and over again. Which can be boring and monotonous but that’s what I found works.

Breakfast is usually oatmeal or a smoothie. Lunch is either a salad or an egg white omelet with very little cheese and salsa. Daytime snacks are greek yogurt, oranges, apples, bananas or carrots. Dinner is eggs, some sort of vegetables or protein pancakes. Nighttime snacks are milk, hard boiled eggs and cookie butter. This is just a generic example of what I eat. I didn’t not include beer or coffee that occasionally or daily sneaks in or the gas station pork rinds that I have been hooked on lately.

What are you favorite snacks to eat? Do you incorporate races into your training plans?

4 thoughts on “Cleveland Marathon Training Weeks 9 and 10 – The Pain Train Continues

  1. I love that you are getting races in your training (agree on how important they are), but also supplementing some elliptical in there to make sure you keep any pain at bay- I hope the doctors appointment goes well this week.

    When I get into the thick of training my meals tend to get very monotonous as well, because I eat what I KNOW won’t upset my stomach and what I know will fuel me right for the miles. Breakfast is pretty much always greek yogurt with raspberries, blackberries and granola (waffles on the weekend for when I’m running in morning). Lunch is pretty standard Chicken, veggies, rice. Dinners I am more flexible with because I’m making the meals for both Brian and myself. But we rotate through the same 5-10 meals every week with the occasional new recipe thrown in.

    1. The doctor appointment went well. He’s happy with how things are progressing. He never tells me to run less, just lets me make those decisions.
      The nice part about being monotonous with meals is I always know exactly what I need to get at the grocery store. I am more flexible on the weekends but sometimes that just means eating marshmallows and a container of hummus. lol

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