Run Puritas 5K

It appears I am continuing my habit of posting well after a race has passed. I’ve been so so busy but still posting because I don’t want to forget the details in these races.

I’ve raced the Run Puritas 5K for a couple years now and look forward to it because it is a race in my neighborhood. It’s also usually a good tune up for the summer racing season.

For the race this year, I had planned on going out at a very specific pace and not going out too fast no matter who passes me. For once, I stuck to this plan and it worked out perfectly! I ran 6:59 for the first mile.

The course is pretty much out and back so you can see who is around you on the way back and I get to see how Ryan is doing during the race. I always struggle during the second mile and I worked really hard to keep my pace for the second mile and I ended up running 7:07.

For the last mile, I knew I was in first place but I didn’t know who else was close to me. I think that’s why I had such a good last mile because I didn’t know how close anyone was to me. I was also chasing down some boys the last mile and hoping to pass the ones in front of me. My third mile ended up being 7:05. Pretty surprising since my 2nd mile was pretty similar.


I was so happy to finish 1st overall female at this race in 21:31 and Ryan was first overall male in 17:49. This race had a large amount of kids from We Run This Town so it was awesome to see them out there being active but also nice to talk to them after the race. They think Ryan and I are crazy for running as much as we do. We just hope that we are inspiring them to be active.


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