Lakewood Summer Meltdown 5K

Way back in 2011 I stumbled upon the Lakewood Summer Meltdown 5K and did it for once reason only. Not because it was a night race but because I was doing the Muddy Paws 10 miler that morning (which I ended up only doing the 5 miler option because it was really hard, muddy and hilly) and I thought I would get some solid mileage in that weekend.

Fast forward to 2016 and I haven’t done the Lakewood Summer Meltdown since because I was busy or already racing something else. Or it was really hot and I just didn’t want to deal with it.

After the Winking Lizard Shot in the Dark got canceled this year, I was craving a fun night time race. The Lakewood Summer Meltdown came at a perfect time and fit into my schedule.

Usually these summer night time races are ridiculously hot. We were extremely lucky this year in that it wasn’t too bad and very manageable. I even brought a long sleeved shirt with me for after, just in case it got cold when the sun went down.


There are tons of local high schoolers at this race so it was very hard to judge how far back to start knowing that most of them would be going out way too fast. This race also has a downhill start so it can be an awesome first mile if you play your cards right. I ended up with a 6:55 first mile.

The second mile flattens out a little bit as the course headed towards Lake Erie. However, after that you start to hit some very small inclines. I ended up running 7:25 for my second mile. I definitely thought I was moving faster than that.

The last mile you come back pretty much the same way you came. However, that downhill you started on the first mile is now your uphill finish. The whole race I kept picking runners to pass to keep me motivated to run fast and not give up. At mile 2 I had decided I wanted to pass 3 runners before mile 3. And then at mile 3 I wanted to pass 3 more. My last mile, even while uphill was 7:24.


I ended up with a finish time of 21:48 a 7:02 pace and fourth in my age group and 9th overall female. Looks like more of the faster women were in my age group. Good Job old ladies 🙂

Post race food from Deagan’s in Lakewood was a must!


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