Celebrate Westlake 5K

Hmmm, you ever have a blog and then are too busy to actual write in that blog. That’s been a common problem of mine lately. However, I’m still here blogging and not ready to give it up just yet so here’s a race recap from like 2 months ago.

I will admit the Celebrate Westlake 5 mile and 5K is a great race but not my favorite. For whatever reason I just never run well there. It’s usually really hot and the course is sunny but flat. This year I decided to run it because I had taken a couple weeks off running completely so I wasn’t expecting any crazy PRs or anything.

I think my only goal for this race was to run under 23 minutes. I made sure to start out at a slower pace as I was not yet ready for my lungs to burn. However, I still went out a little too fast. My legs felt great, not heavy or anything but I felt like I couldn’t go fast. It was the weirdest feeling. I felt like I was trying to go fast but my legs just wouldn’t do it.

I was actually surprised that my first mile was decent but when I tried to go faster, nothing happened. My legs were stuck.

The course is out and back and almost entirely crazy flat. It’s actually a really great course to go for a PR on…if you are in PR shape. Coming off 5+ weeks of no running at all is not PR shape.

On the way back to the finish line, I tried so hard to pick up my pace but it was not working. I didn’t know if it was the heat or just not being used to running fast lately. I had to push really hard but I barely made it in under my time goal of less than 23 minutes.


I crossed the finish line with a 22:59, a 7:25 pace, good enough for 2nd in my age group. Not a bad way to come back to running.

This race is known for usually having some pretty good race swag. This year it was a fleece jacket that Bandit has claimed as his bed.


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