Akron Half Marathon 2016

Just about every year I run both the River Run Half Marathon and Akron Half Marathon. They are fairly close together but it is a great way to see if I can improve from one race to the next. Which is not easy considering how hilly Akron is. However, somehow every year I run better at Akron than River Run. This year, was not that year…

Knowing what I ran at River Run (1:47) but knowing I usually run well at Akron, I decided that 1:45 would be my goal for the race. Even now, looking back, I feel like 1:45 should have been a good time.

I promised myself that I would not go out fast for this race. No matter what. I started this race out at an 8 min mile pace. And it felt great! And easy! If I could keep it this easy maybe I could negative split the second half.

By mile 2, my pace had already dropped and once again I felt like quitting. I didn’t get it! I didn’t go out too fast for this race, I felt like my training was going well and making progress. I kid you not for the rest of the race I refused to smile or have fun. Every time I saw an encouraging sign I cursed it. “pain is only temporary” “race results are forever” “you’re lapping everyone on the couch”

The race is hilly, yes, but my pace dropped significantly throughout the race. The one thing that gave me some positive thought was “at least I am not doing the marathon.” Other than that I was a compete brat.


To be honest, I did some serious reflection on if I still wanted to be a runner. I questioned if it was really worth it anymore. At the end of the race as I was nearing the finish line, I wasn’t sure if it was worth it. I was just so disappointed in myself.


I sprinted to the finish line, trying to make the best of it but I was fighting back the tears hard. Meb was at the finish line shaking hands and I couldn’t bring myself to  walk over to him. I was really that upset.

My official time was 1:50:44 and I was convinced Akron would be my last race for the year.


One thought on “Akron Half Marathon 2016

  1. Smile Jess! We all have not so great races and I know you’ll bounce back. I know I have been struggling with my motivation to run lately, I also feel like the Goodyear Blimp already so that may have something to do with it. 🙂

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