Flash Back 16 Years

Does anyone else just want to jump into Stars Hollow and live there?

Oh and Stars Hollow is an actual place you can visit. Kind of.


Yeah, that’s right, I started watching Gilmore Girls. From the very beginning but why now?

Honestly, I’ve never really been interested in the show until they came out with the follow up “A Day in the Life.” This show came out when I was a sophomore in high school so it’s a fun little flash back in time. Fun Fact: I’ve never watched Dawson’s Creek or My So Called Life either.

I can’t believe how well this show aged! I have a crush on Luke but wonder if that is because I am watching the show while I am in my 30’s. Would I have a crush on Dean or Tristan if I watched this when I was 16?


Oh who am I kidding, I’ve had a crush on Chad Michael Murray since I started watching One Tree Hill. I was late to the One Tree Hill party as well but only by about 2 years so I only had a couple seasons to catch up on.

So no spoilers, I’m only on Season 1 and only watched a couple episodes but I have been completely hooked after 1 episode.


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