Race to the Maxx 5K 2017

A couple years ago I signed my little sister up for a 5K for Maxx Hayes. I’m pretty sure she hated it and has not done a 5K since. Which reminds me, I should probably start trying to get her to run again…

Anyways, I decided to do this race so I could get some speed on my legs but also so that I could finally race this race. Honestly, If I would have known the course, I might have changed my mind. When my sister did it, it was a flat race through some neighborhoods. When I decided to do it, it was a rolling hill downward to start but then you turn around and come straight back up that hill. Woof.


This race had a ton of people who went out way too fast. There was one girl who sprinted out and was literally on Ryan’s tail, who was leading the race. She was tall and thin and I was like, maybe she’s really fast and I just didn’t recognize her.

About a ½ mile into the race, she was walking. I too went out too fast but was able to control it and enjoyed passing people who went out too fast. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. We all go out too fast and you have to learn to not do it. The only way to learn is to do it multiple times until you know to go out slower. I promise you, it will feel good to start slow and have the energy to pick it up as you go but also to pass people. It’s an awesome pick me up as you are running.

Mile 1 – 7:06 Actually exactly what I wanted, especially since I went out too fast.

Mile 2 – 7:31 We hit the turnaround and had to start climbing back uphill. Ouch

Mile 3 – 6:37 Yes this race was a tad short but even then it wasn’t a PR and I was using it more for speed on my legs and a workout than racing to PR.


I ended up first overall female, it was a small race, with a time of 21:14. I will likely do this race again because as much as I dreaded that hill, it’s a great workout.

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