Is this thing on?

It’s been many months since I wrote a blog post and to be honest, I’ve thought about shutting it down. However, when it came time to renew this little space of mine, I pulled the trigger without a second thought…then proceeded to not post for a couple more months.

So where have I been and what have I been up to? Why have I not been blogging?!?!?

To be honest, not much has changed.Still running, still cuddling with the best dachshunds in Cleveland, still married to the best husband ever (who was 6th overall at the Akron Marathon this year, he’s seriously amazing!) and still working full time. Same old boring me.

Although, I have to admit, running has been a little rough the past couple years. Actually, last year I almost gave it up. Well, not entirely but after working my butt off, I wasn’t seeing results and was seeing a lot of injuries. It wasn’t fun anymore and I was going to back off running, stick to some shorter stuff and maybe retire from racing. Weird right?

Instead of giving up, I decided to try one thing I have never done before and I hired a coach! WHAT?!?! Even weirder right? I mean, I’ve been writing my own training plans for over 17 marathons, which took me to a BQ, multiple PRs and generally decent running and I was happy with that for awhile. So I didn’t really need a coach to give me a plan, or even to hold me accountable for my runs. I just needed something different.

I signed up with McKirdy Trained and requested Coach Heather. She gives me great workouts, keeps me injury free, takes the stress out of running (not that I was stressed from running but she gives me workouts so I don’t have to find them and she only gives me them a week or so in advance so we have time to move or change things), keeps me from having race anxiety and I am now excited about running again. I’m starting to see some results and she’s made me such a happy little runner again!

I’m running about 40 miles a week, sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. I do 1-2 speed/tempo runs a week, sometimes they are tied into my long run. But the key has been something you wouldn’t expect…running easy on my easy days. And I mean EASY. I cannot stress enough about how much that has changed my running. If you follow me on Strava you can follow along with some of my training and paces for the year.

I’m hoping to run 1 race a month, weather pending but the 2 big ones will be the Glass City Full Marathon and then the Cleveland half marathon or 10k! It will depend how I feel and recover from the Glass City Marathon.

If you are looking to run the Cleveland Marathon, use the code JM2019 for 10% off your registration. Oh and did I mention I am an ambassador for the Cleveland Marathon?

2 thoughts on “Is this thing on?

  1. I’m glad you’re back to blogging and you’re enjoying running again. My running mojo is hiding at the moment, so I’m looking for online inspiration as I can’t afford at coach right now! 🙂

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