Boston Marathon 2010

The Boston Marathon. The World’s Oldest Marathon. The Most Prestigious Road Race. Over 20,000 Runners. My Dream Come True!

Like most of my marathons I made Boston a Marathon Vacation or a Running Vacation. Most people I knew flew to Boston…I drove. Slightly tiring to drive 10 hours but it was nice to have a car while in Boston. And the first thing I did, after checking into the Boston Hilton Financial was go to the Expo. I just could not wait!

Expo Entrance

For months I had been looking at the marathon apparel online. I had even purchased a t-shirt and “The Jacket” ahead of time. So after picking up my bib, shirt and giant yellow bag I headed straight to the Adidas section to purchase more gear. I mean it was my first Boston marathon I HAD to buy everything with the Boston Marathon Logo. I ended up with another t-shirt, a sweatshirt, capris and shorts. I really had to hold myself back there was sooo much that I wanted. I proceeded to the rest of the expo only to purchase more clothing, socks and of course arm warmers with Boston written down the side!

Marathon Jackets! There was a whole line of them, but my camera can only fit 5 in one shot.

I spent at least 3 hours at the expo and probably would have spent more had I not been starving. So I made my way back to my hotel to drop of all my gear and then stopped at The Bell in Hand Tavern for dinner.

I planned on calling it an early night since we had drove all day and went to the expo but had a last minute adventure in mind which I named “The Challenge” Believe it or not, I had my first cannoli ever in Boston. There are 2 bakeries that were open late and that claim they have the best cannoli’s, Mike’s Pastry and Modern Pastry. So I had to try them both and decide myself.


 Modern Pastry was the winner. Actually stopped by a couple days later for more.

After all that food and excitement I was more than ready for bed. Plus I had a busy next couple of days. Saturday was spent touring the Harvard campus, Salem, St. Charles Street and swimming with my little sister who drove up with my Mama and Dave. Sunday was spent walking around Boston Common, Red’s game (where it rained most of the game) and pasta dinner with my Mama, Dave, little sister and Mate. Then I was off to an early bed time so that I could run the Boston Marathon!

This is what I ran in for the Boston Marathon. it was early so I was still half asleep
I made everyone who came shirts with my name on it. Moja 26.2 The front had a giant Boston Marathon logo on it

 I had to catch a bus to Hopkinton super early so I eat half my breakfast before I left the hotel and packed the rest with me.

Waiting in line for the buses
Finally loading the bus to Hopkinton

The drive to Hopkinton took a surprisingly long time. I was getting nervous and was like umm do I really have to run this far to get back? But finally I made it to Hopkinton.

It All Starts Here

I was really nervous and excited for the Boston Marathon. I worked hard to qualify and then worked hard to run the Boston Marathon, I had heard many stories about “Heartbreak Hill”. I think being so nervous/excited made my wait in Hopkinton go by really fast. Before I knew it I was shoving my bag through a window on another bus and making my way to the starting line. And just walking to the starting line there were volunteers cheering us on. It was awesome. Pre-marathon cheerleaders.

The race started on time and off I went for my first Boston Marathon. I took everyone’s advice and enjoyed the race and didn’t start out too fast. Which 9 times out of 10, I start out to fast. By mile 10 I was feeling pretty good and on my way to a PR. A PR at Boston would be a dream come true. However, at mile 13, I had to use the potty 😦  At mile 13 there was a line for the bathrooms so I waited til mile 14. And there was a line there too. So I kept going til mile 15 and there was a line there too, but there was no way I could run any longer without using the restroom. I lost about 4 mins but was totally worth it because there was no way I could have kept going.

After my bathroom break I felt like it was a whole new race and completely ignored the hills. I actually did not even know I was climbing “HeartBreak Hill” until I got to the top and everyone was cheering and making heart break comments. As I got to the home stretch and could see the finish line in sight, I saw people wearing the shirts I made out of the corner of my eye, and they were cheering for me. It took a minute for it to click but it was my family! I then sailed on to finish in 3:44. Not quite a PR but only 4 mins off. Which was probably my bathroom break 😦 But I didn’t even care because I finished the BOSTON MARATHON!

Making my way to a strong Boston Marathon Finish!

After the race I couldn’t wait to meet up with my family. I went and got my mylar blanket, some food, my medal and my race bag so I could get my cell phone.

Proud Finisher

 It was surprisingly easy to catch up with my family, which was good because we had dinner reservations and I was starving after the marathon. Obviously from the picture below I had enough time to show before dinner.

After Marathon dinner. And look everyone has on their shirts.
Boston Finisher's Medal

I cannot wait to run another Boston Marathon. The experience just doesn’t compare to other marathons.  Also, the city of Boston was amazing and I had a really great time. Can’t wait to go back again. Soon. Just need to re-qualify…

4 thoughts on “Boston Marathon 2010

  1. Way to Go Girl! Boston should be everyone’s dream. Ran it three times….3:17, 3:30 at the 100th Annual and a 2:58 that almost killed me. Whoo Hoo! You Go Girl! I run mostly all trail races these days and much much slower. Lucky to run a 3:30 marathon. I have many gears slow, slower, medium, fast. Run for run

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