Cleveland Marathon 2009

On May 17, 2009 I ran my second marathon and have nothing but good memories from this marathon. I trained almost as hard as I did for the Akron marathon the only difference was I think I did 1 20 miler and 2 18 milers. I also ran a lot of races which I think helped with my speedwork. Also, I took my mom to the expo and she bought me a new running shirt 🙂



So naturally I wore my new shirt and didn’t even think about how chilly it would be in the morning. Race morning I showed up in just my new shirt and shorts and was freezing. Luckily I had an old pair of gloves and an old race shirt in the car. I was still cold but it was better than nothing. I should also mention that I am a freeze baby and am always over dressed.

My goal time for this race was 3:40….or faster. I wanted to qualify for Boston soooo bad. I had learned after my first marathon to not go out too fast so I started with the 3:40 pace group. And I told myself that no matter what I was going to stick with that group and qualify for Boston. At around mile 3 I believe I shed my long sleeve shirt that I had on, but I kept my gloves on til around mile 12, and I only took them off then because they were wet with sweat.

I continued onward with the 3:40 pace group and eventually saw my Mama, Dave and my little sister Lisa on the marginal. My sister was so excited to see me, but I also think she was a little overwhelmed with the crowds and surplus of runners. Like most runners, my family thinks that I am crazy and has no idea why I run so they are amazed when they see how many other people out there run like I do. Around mile 19 I was feeling the effects of the race and was having a hard time keeping up with my pace group and was feeling the temptation to walk. I did not walk, I pushed onward and looked for the next mile, and I couldn’t find it and I looked down at my watch and was like “omg, i must be off pace I am over 9 mins per mile right now” after another couple mins I was really worried. Where was mile 20! Finally, I saw a mile marker in the distance, but it was not mile 20…it was mile 22! Somehow I missed 2 mile markers, but that’s ok, I was not far off pace…although i had lost my pace group…

At mile 23, guess who was there? Mama, Dave and Lisa! I had no idea they would try to make it to another spot to see me. Mama probably guessed I was tired at this point and ran with me for a sec or 2 and said “you’ve only got a 5K left, you can do this!” And as tired as I was it was the pick up that I needed. I ran the last couple of miles and finished in 3:40:12…good thing Boston gives you the whole minute 3:40:59 to qualify. So I officially qualified for the Boston Marathon! Just barely qualified, but that was fine with me. I was 477 overall, 79 among the women and 20th in my age group. Did I mention that I qualified fo BOSTON!

Cleveland Marathon Finisher Medal


The Cleveland Marathon will always be one of my favorite marathons and not just because I qualified for Boston but because it is a beautifully organized race throughout my hometown. I will continue to participate in this race for as long as I can whether in the full or the half marathon.

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