Wineglass Marathon 2010

I originally heard about the Wineglass Marathon in an edition of Runner’s World. It was voted the “Speediest Marathon” by readers so I had to check it out. The location of the race was in Corning, NY. Never heard of it? Yep me neither but I signed up anyways.

Since Corning is a small town, surrounded by other small towns, I decided to make this a weekend trip (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). On the way to Corning,NY we made a short detour to go check out Letchworth State Park. I highly recommend going there if you get the chance.

Beautiful Fall Day
Can you see the double rainbow?
Water Falls
View from the top of the falls

Have I sold you on this park yet? Seriously, it was beautiful and you all should check it out.

Arriving in Downtown Corning (about a whole block, I think it was called Main Street) and was greeted with this:

Love it!

After a long drive it was time for dinner at a local place in town (Aniello’s Pizza, it was recommended but I thought it just ok) and early to bed so that I could explore the next day.

Saturday morning I headed straight to the expo. It was the first time I had ever been to an expo that took place outside. It was also the smallest expo ever. I think there was 1 vendor, maybe 2, which was probably a good thing since I tend to drop a lot of money at expos. I ended up spending Saturday strolling down Main Street, visiting the local antique stores and took a tour of the Corning Glass Museum.

Glass Exhibit

Saturday night almost all the local places had a spaghetti dinner of some sort for the runners. Some even had all you can eat pasta. But I recommend making a reservation ahead of time, the restaurants filled up fast and if you didn’t have a reservation you had a long wait.

When I got back to the hotel I did my usual pre-race ritual of laying my clothes out and checking out the race swag.

Pictured: race tank, capris, shoes, gloves, Boston arm warmers, hand warmers, Garmin, GU, Body Glide and ipod
Pretty cool race swag

Also received a purple long sleeve wicking shirt and for some reason I didn’t take a pic of it. Probably because purple is my least favorite color.

Sunday morning, I had to get up bright and early to catch a bus to the starting line (point to point race). It was a very cold start for me, I wore sweats over my race outfit but had to stand outside for over an hour at the start. There was a truck to put your race gear in before the start and as I through my stuff into the truck I was doubtful I would get it back, it didn’t look very organized.

The race started on time and I was freezing so I couldn’t wait to run and warm up. I started with the 3:40 group and decided it was too slow of a pace for me so I caught up with the 3:30 group. For some reason I anticipated the race being flat/downhillish and figured that was why it was such a fast marathon…nope there were some large hills in there. But I tackled them with no problems and left my 3:30 pace group in the dust and on my way to a PR. However, I ran into a little problem at mile 14. My Gatorade, banana and PB toast breakfast decided to come up (aka I puked…it was not pretty). In true running fashion I rallied and other runner’s around me told me “it’s ok, you’re halfway there”. I started running again and felt like poo but really wanted to finish in under 4 hours. I did finish in just under 4 hours, 3:58:29 was my official time. I lost about 15 mins puking so I don’t feel too bad about my time.

Even though I wasn’t feeling well and tend to zone out during marathons, it was a very scenic marathon. And the finish line leads right back into downtown Corning.

Post race in my Mylar blanket

Sorry that post race pic is kinda bad, I wasn’t feeling well still. But In keeping with the glass theme, the finishers medals were made of glass. 

Wineglass Marathon Finisher's Medal

And that truck I threw my race bag onto. Well it was waiting for me at the finish line and was very organized, they found my bag in about 5 seconds. 

After a marathon I usually head off to shower and explore the city but my hotel would not allow for a late check out so I changed my clothes and headed over to the Finger Lakes for some wine tasting. You can’t go to the Finger Lakes region and not bring home wine…I had to hold myself back but only brought back 4 bottles…I think

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