2015 Race Schedule

Cleveland is lucky to have many local races throughout the year. Here are a few places to look for races, in no particular order (if you have a place that isn’t listed please leave it in the comments below, just remember Cleveland area)

Hermes Cleveland-This is one of my favorites, they put on some of the best races in the area in my opinion.

Peace Racing-Dan and his crew are giving Hermes some friendly competition at Peace Racing. They put on over 15 events a year, running and triathlons included.

Summit Athletic Running Club-They put on a few popular races a year, the Shamrock 15K, Buckeye Half Marathon and the Great NYE Race.

HMA Promotions-Putting on over 40 races a year, mostly on the eastside of Cleveland.

Cleveland West Road Runners-Only 4 races a year but all good ones.

Western Reserve Racing-Mostly trail races and longer distances but also have the dirty trail series that seems to be popular. Trail running is not my favorite as I like to run fast and safely. I do not enjoy getting stuck in the mud, running through rivers or tripping on tree roots.

NCN Racing-They’ve been cutting down on their races lately but still have some good ones on the list.

January 25th-Rock N’ Roll New Orleans Marathon

February 14th-Chili Bowl Classic 5K Blizzard so I didn’t run

March 7th-Green Jewel 50K Relay – Unsafe course due to lots of black ice
March 14th – St. Malachi 5 Miler
March 21st – Jig and Jog 5K

April 25th – Hermes 10 Miler

May 2nd – Run Puritas 5K
May 17th – Cleveland Marathon
May 30th – Cro Run 5K Race moved to the fall

June 7th-The Great Western Reserve Half Ironman

July 18th – A Shot in the Dark 4 Miler
July 25th – The Shawshank Hustle

August 16th – Rubber City Half
August 30th – Great Buckeye Challenge Half Ironman

September 13th – River Run Half Marathon
September 26th – Akron Half Marathon – I really really really want to run the full but if Ironman Louisville is the ironman for the fall then I can only do the half this year 😦

October 11th – Ironman Louisville!!!! Have I lost my mind!!???

November 26th – Turkey Trot 5 Miler

December 5th – A Christmas Story 10K

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