Midtown Classic 10K

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have big plans for this race. I had been looking forward to it for a while and was hoping to come close to my PR if not beat my PR. However, the day before I was at the doctor’s office with a sinus infection 😦 I got a prescription and hoped I would be better in the morning.

Race shirt (runs very large), recyclable grocery bags and a tire gauge
Race shirt (runs very large), recyclable grocery bags and a tire gauge

In the morning, I was not better. I actually felt worse and didn’t think I should run. I’m not sure why but I felt so guilty not going to the race so I got dressed and went anyway. I had hoped that the more I moved around and woke up I would feel better.

After a 1.5 mile warm up, I did not feel better and was pretty sure I wouldn’t even start the race. Somehow I ended up at the starting line, mostly because I’m an idiot but planned on pulling out if I still didn’t feel well.

Mile 1: 7:39-I ran a pretty slow first mile which is completely unlike me. I wanted to quit after 10 steps of running but kept going and my legs felt shaky. I decided I would pull out at the turn around.

Mile 2: 7:25-Whoever was leading the race took us the wrong way and cut down a street too early. At the time I didn’t realize it but all the miles were long after that. I did start running with an older gentleman and he picked my pace up a little and kept me out of the 8s.

Mile 3: 7:43-Suddenly wishing I had ran the 5K or just dropped out already.

Mile 4: 7:50-Only 2 more miles to go so let’s just finish this. It was at this point I realized the course was going to be long. I had 3.2 at the 3 mile mark and 4.22 at the 4 mile mark.

Mile 5: 7:46-I really felt like I was pushing the pace but in reality I wasn’t. I was in 4th place overall and at the turn around I didn’t think the girl behind me would catch up to me.

Mile 6: 7:45- It started to rain, just a slight drizzle at first but then started to come down. Probably the last thing I needed for a race when I was sick.

The last mile seemed to go on forever and I was starting to think someone sent us the wrong way again and that we were running the course all over again. Eventually we made our way to the finish line and I avoided looking at my watch. I had a feeling if it was anything over 6.2 I was just going to quit. I crossed the finish in 48:08, a 7:44 pace and I had the course at 6.3. Not as far off as I thought it was going to be but still almost 4 minutes over my goal time.

I’m pretty sure I’ve learned my lesson to not run while sick. There was nothing fun about running when you feel that crummy.

I did end up placing 4th overall and 1st in my age group so I got a cool award. Who would have thought I’d be so excited for a brick but it’s nice to have something different from race medals.

Bodhi was very interested in this award.
Bodhi was very interested in this award.

Have you ever run while sick? I don’t recommend it.

I do recommend lots of puppy cuddles to make you feel better after.

Professional cuddler
Professional cuddler

My Rambling Running Update

I’m sad to announce that I have to drop out of the Erie Marathon 😦

My asthma was so bad this summer that I was not able to get in proper training. Constantly I would start training and have to back off again because I couldn’t breathe. I’ve been working hard the past couple weeks and am up to running 10 miles for my long run. However, 10 miles is not enough to run a marathon. Also my asthma still acts up so who knows when I’ll be able to run longer.

The good news is I was able to run everyday on my honeymoon. We had hoped to get in a few miles everyday but to get at least one longish run in. Well when you go from Cleveland where it was fairly cool all summer to the Bahamas and New Orleans where it is constantly hot, long runs just aren’t happening. We ran 4 miles everyday but 4 miles in that heat felt like 10. We even thought if we got up early we could “beat the heat” but there is no beating the heat down there.

The bad news that goes along with dropping out of the Erie Marathon is that is I won’t be able to re-qualify for Boston. That was why I signed up for the Erie Marathon, to re-qualify and run Boston as Mr. & Mrs. McCartney. The good news is I’ll still be in Boston to cheer Ryan on! I told myself that if I didn’t re-qualify that I should run the Green Jewel 50K....

More good news is, I’ll have time to concentrate on the shorter distances this fall. Normally I run a marathon or 3 so this will be something new I can work on. Maybe bust out some PRs.

More bad news, my garmin died 😦 I’ve had it for a couple years and it’s trained through at least 7 marathons so it’s no shock that it wouldn’t last forever. It was sad to see that they have discontinued my specific watch so I had to find a new one.

Old garmin
Old garmin
New Garmin
New Garmin

I never noticed how heavy my old garmin was until I got a new one. Now wonder they discontinued the old one. I haven’t played around with my new watch too much yet. I’ve taken it on a few runs and it tells me the pace, distance and time just like my old one. It does do a weird thing where after a mile it shows your mile time and will say lap 1. The weird part is if you just get to mile 5 and look down it will say lap 1 and your mile time. Instead of saying lap 5. After a few seconds to a minute it will say lap 5 though. Confused me at first (and confusing to write) but just something to get used to.

It also takes awhile to connect to satellite but I remember my old Garmin did the same thing when I first got it. Other than that it’s a good watch and looks pretty. Too bad it doesn’t come in pink!

Since I can’t run a full marathon, I registered for the Akron half marathon. Mostly because there is a sweet neon pink shirt for the half marathoners this year. Clearly my priorities are in order.

Akron Marathon Clothing

I’m thinking about registering for the River Run Half marathon but haven’t done so yet. I have also registered for the Bulldog 5K tomorrow as well as the Christmas Story 10K in December both with my new married name so I am pretty excited!

A Christmas Story Medal

To celebrate A Christmas Story movie’s 30th anniversary they are having a 5K and 10K race. I admit it is kind of pricey but you get a long sleeve shirt with a leg lamp design on it, the finishers medal above, they’ll be showing the movie in Public square that day and you get free entry to the Christmas Story House and museum in Tremont!

Once last thing before I go. I saw this yesterday online and it’s probably the coolest things that I definitely need. A Cleveland Skyline Medal hanger!



MidTown Cleveland HealthLine Classic 10K

This was my official first race back and I waited a whole week and a half to even blog about it. Whoops! Bad runner blogger.

Apparently, I registered too late so I didn’t receive this year’s shirt. They did give me one from last year though. It’s a fairly nice wicking shirt, too big like most shirts, perfect for the dudes though.

Race day morning was freezing! Pretty sure it was in the 30s, not what I expect for the beginning of October. I bundled up and went for a warm up anyways. And by bundle I mean, 2 shirts, capris, gloves and hand warmers.

My goal for this race since it was my first race back was to run around 8 min miles. First mile…6:37…oops. I did get better for the remaining miles and was in the 7:30s-7:50s. The whole race was fairly flat and went through some streets just outside of downtown Cleveland. One of those areas where it’s not safe to run at anytime…unless there is a race 🙂

I have to say I was pretty happy with how my first official race back went. I didn’t really know what to expect and was really nervous about my IT band. I ended up finishing in 47:21 a 7:38 pace and 5th in my age group. Normally I wouldn’t care about placing in my age group but check out these awards.

It’s a brick!

Ok, I know to some it is just a brick but I think it is a pretty cool award. Something different than the plaques and medals.

Because this race happened on October 13th, I’ve already ran another race. Hopefully, I get that recap up here soon 🙂


A Most Excellent Race

This past Sunday was the Most Excellent Race a 5K and 10K race to benefit the achievement centers for Camp Cheerful. Yes I realize that it is Wednesday and I am just getting to this now.

The Guys=Ryan, Christian and John. The Gals=Moja and Steph

The lovely people above were all there to participate in the annual race, which takes place in Cleveland Heights and if you run the 5K it is a single loop, if you do the 10K, you basically do the 5K twice, yay!

10K is probably my favorite distance to race. I find it a tough race to run, you have to find a good fast pace in between a 5K and a 10 miler. Too bad there are very few 10Ks in the Cleveland area 😦

My PR for the 10K is ridiculously fast. How I ever ran a 44 minute (7:13 pace) I will never know but hopefully I figure that out soon. If I did it once I could do it again, as long as I don’t get fat or old. (shoot I can only control one of those).

The first 2 miles of this race are pretty much downhill so I was running just barely under a 7:10 pace and was laughing to myself thinking, hmmm if I keep this up I will PR. But then I hit the gradual uphill just after mile 2 and wanted to die and I had an awesome cramp in my side which slowed me down to a 7:50 pace (booooo). That completed the first 1/2 of the race so I just needed to do one more loop and would be done and the next 2 miles were downhill. For the next downhill part I ran at a 7:15 pace, take that cramp in my side.

The course got a little crowded at the end because of all the walkers but it wasn’t anything to slow me down, especially when they were all cheering, love that. I came in at a blazing 47:34 a 7:40 average pace. Good enough for 1st in my age group! Holla

         DSCN1232                 DSCN1230

After the race me and my cousin-in-law, Mary-Pat took pictures…lots, because we are big dorks….and because she just started a blog! Check her out at Running with Lip Gloss. She was also the overall female winner, aka she’s a beast!

Classic Sno-Cone pic

Of course I found my way to the sno-cone machine, I spot these things a mile away. However, they were out of sugary syrup 😦 so I improvised and added Gatorade to it instead 🙂

Instead of medals the awards were mini backpacks!
Who wears short shorts? Manchild wears short shorts!

Eat Your Heart Out Ladies! Manchild came was 2nd in this age group for the 5K. His time was 20:21, 6:34 pace. You should all be mad at him though since he runs that pace with ZERO training!

Race shirt and award

 Next race I have scheduled is the Smiles for Sophie Birthday Bash 5K on July 4. Anyone else racing this weekend?