B-Lo Take 1

When it comes to marathon weekends I am as giddy as a kid in a candy store and cannot wait to get to the expo. I can’t relax until I have picked up my packet and spent money at the expo.

Shopping time!

Honestly, I didn’t really plan on spending a long time at the expo. It was a small marathon so I didn’t expect there to be a lot of buy and figured I would just run in and run out.

I was wrong. They had a huge section of running clothes¬†and it was all on sale! I wanted to buy everything. Shirts, tanks, shorts, skirts, tights, ugh everything and it was such great deals. I resisted for 2 reasons. 1.) I have more running clothes than going out and work clothes. 2.) I got a speeding ticket on the way to Buffalo ūüė¶ so that took away from my expo fund.

$16 handheld water bottle, $9.99 for 3 pack asics socks, $20 asics running top (and it's Pink!)

 After I realized how much I spent I really wanted to go back and buy more. I mean you can never really have enough running clothes!

¬†Stopped at Anchor Bar¬†for some wings. It’s one of those wing places that you have to go to. I was a little disappointed¬†when there were only¬†4 choices for wings, Mild, Medium, hot or spicy barbecue. Where is the honey mustard or Caribbean jerk! I settled on the Medium and they were amazing. I guess you only need 4 choices when wings are this good!

I love that they put the bowl on top. I've never seen that before.
Feel free to drool

 After 5.5 wings I was full and headed into a food coma. Need. Coffee. Stat.

Spot Coffee Shop

¬†Next stop was Elmwood Ave to get coffee and wake up. Little did I know that Elmwood was the place to be. Tons of little shops, restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores and people walking around enjoying the weather. (Saturday in Buffalo was beautiful, maybe 75 degrees and sunny, but not humid at all). I also stopped¬†at Watsons to pick up some Sponge Candy. I had never had it before and heard good things. I loved it so much that umm I ate it before I could take a picture! Sorry, guess you’ll have to go to Buffalo and get your own sponge candy.

By this time I had yet to check into my hotel and was dying to  see what was in my expo bag. No joke the first thing I did when I walked into the hotel room was this:

So much stuff for a small race. My Favorite was the 2 sticks of chapsticks

Dumped out my packet to inspect what I got! Everytime I do this it reminds me of little kids when they come home from trick or treating.

It may not seem like it but time flew by, expo, wings for lunch, coffee and strolling Elmwood, checking into the hotel, buffalo spotting missions and I think I even walked around DT B-Lo for awhile and Manchild stopped for a beer to watch part of the Indians game (I pouted and drank water so there are no pics). Before I knew it, it was time for dinner.


I have a friend who is originally from Buffalo so she recommended Chef’s Restaurant. Good thing she also told me to have a reservation. It was pretty packed and lots of runners were there.

I am a monster pasta eater

¬†I seriously ate 3 pieces of their bread it was so good and then 3 bites of pasta because I got full on bread. But it was so worth it. You should also know that instead of napkins they give you aprons to wear. I didn’t realize that until I was done eating and was like “Did they know I was coming?” “why is this napkin so big?”

I secretly wanted to go out for a night on the town in Buffalo, the city completely took me by surprise. Did you know the bars are open til 4 a.m.!!!!!! However, I was in Buffalo for the marathon so I went home and laid out my clothes and put myself to bed early.

 Have you ever had sponge candy? How many wings can you eat? I like to tell people I can beat them in a wing eating contest but in reality I would never come close.


Super Urban Camping

I think the definition of Urban Camping refers to camping in your backyard or outside of a store before a new product comes out. Perhaps it even refers to when you were a little kid and built tents in your living room using every blanket in the house you could find.

Building a real tent, as an adult, in your living room is what I like to refer to as “Super Urban Camping”

It's been a while since I shaved my legs...just kidding...but not really

Ok, so obviously those aren’t my legs but that is how the tent started out.

Laid out the tent completely

 At this point I was ready to quit and was wishing I had one of those tents that you throw in the air and they just pop up and build themselves.

Ugh this tent is so heavy! Hurry take my picture while I hold it one handed.

 For real, the tent was kinda heavy when you had to hold it by yourself. Especially when it came time to bending the poles into the shape of the tent.

There's a tent in my living room!!!!

¬†But it worked and we successfully built our first tent…in the living room.

The real reason for building the tent was because of a white water rafting/camping trip in a couple weeks and just wanted to make sure we could build a tent and¬†neither of us has been camping in at least 20 years.¬†Also, there wasn’t much else to do on Friday night and I was a little tipsy after 1 margarita.

Now, is the real challenge….how do I get it back into that little bag so I can have my living room back!

Did you ever build tents with blankets when you were a kid? Where is your favorite camping spot?

P.S. Please excuse that corner of my living room. It is my messy corner. Also, excuse the fact that there is nothing on the walls because I moved in years ago and can’t decide what to hang up. Ignore the curtains, they came with the condo and although rather ugly they are good quality so I can’t get rid of them yet. Let’s also ignore that I am almost 30 but my condo looks like a college dorm. Don’t pick on the yellow walls, that was 100% the Manchild’s decision. The color is Buttercup Yellow and looks like the sun is always shining!


Latitude 41¬įn

I have seriously driven by Latitude 41 N hundreds of times and every time I pass it I say how much I want to go there. Well while out for a Saturday drive this past weekend¬†(I’ll explain that in another post), I finally stopped in for dinner.

Usually when I walk into a restaurant I take forever to decide. Seriously, it’s annoying. I will also ask everyone what they are getting a thousand times. Even more annoying. The problem is I am hungry and want to try everything on the menu but somehow need to narrow it down to just one meal. Ugh, the problems in my life.

Luckily, it was recommended to us to try the Island of Lesbos Pizza or one of the many Latitude Attitudes on the menu. So believe it or not I was the first one ready to order. This never happens. #miracle

 I went with the Rotisserie Roasted Chicken Salad Latitude Attitude with a side salad. While my partner in crime went with the Country Club Latitude Attitude with a side of french fries.

Latitude Attitudes Pre Devoured

¬†If you can’t tell from the awesome photography skills, these are basically like a calzone. However, I am not really sure if I have ever actually had a calzone….I need to get out more.

If I had to vote which was better I would say mine because I love chicken salad stuff. The country club one was really good too I am just not a big fan of bacon in or on my food. (Naked bacon! Eat it on its own!)

If you are in the Gordon Park area I highly recommend that you check this place out. I will be back again soon.

 Has anyone else been here? I hear they have an awesome brunch.

P.S. Still need help to meet my fundraising goal!

You can donate to this cause through my fundraising page.  http://www.active.com/donate/runforautism11/mojamala2