Morning running, burnout and a 2 week training update

Many of you know that I run on the treadmill a lot during training but did you also know I do most of my workouts in the morning before work?

Monday – Thursday my alarm goes off at 4:10 am to get up, take the dogs out, get ready and get to the gym before 5. I get there before 5 in the hopes they open up early and I have more time to workout. Lately my Thursday workout has been getting moved to after work due to how long it is. I have to be done with my workout by 6:10 since I leave for work at 6:50! I usually rest on Fridays and on Saturdays and Sundays I “sleep in” til about 6 or 6:30. Really though, I am just waiting on the sun to come up or the gym to open on the weekends.

I get asked a lot of questions on how do you get up early and it’s easy…for me

1.) Go to bed early, this is an easy one and I promise it works. I aim to go to be by 9 most nights.
2.) Start small, don’t aim to get up a full hour earlier, just try for 15-30 minutes. Work your way up to an hour. I used to get up and just run 2-3 miles before work and then would run 2-3 after work. Now I just do the entire workout before work.
3.) Lay out your workout clothes the night before or even just sleep in them. I used to sleep in my clothes when I was starting to workout before work. Now I lay them out but literally try to just roll out of bed and go.
4.) Don’t think about it! Just get up and go. Once you are up and moving you will be awake. If you need to, move your alarm far enough from your bed that you have to get up.
5.) Set a goal that you will work out twice a week before work. Maybe even do it on Monday and Tuesday and get it out of the way at the beginning of the week. Then work on adding days to that. I used to only do it twice a week and now that’s increased.
6.) I usually workout on an empty stomach and that is what works for me but not for everyone else so plan a small snack if you need to. OR plan a snack to eat immediately after.

Even with these tips, working out in the morning just might not work for you and THAT’S OKAY! Maybe your gym is far away or doesn’t open early enough etc. I just thought I would share what works for me and how I got there.

The week of 1/28 training went well and I was happy with my workouts.


Sunday –  4 miles @8:33 pace
Monday  Speedwork – 1 mile WU, 3×1600, .25 recovery, 1 mile CD – 5.5 miles @8:11 pace
Tuesday – Rest day
Wednesday – 6 Miles @8:43 pace
Thursday – Tempo! 1 Mile WU, 7@tempo, 1 mile CD – 9 miles @8:02 pace
Friday – Rest Day
Saturday – Treadmill – 17 miles @8:32 pace.

Total: 41.5

Post long run presents
Ryan and I have slowly been testing out Cryotherapy.

However, the following week I was just mostly mentally tapped out. I think the past couple weeks of “burning the candle at both ends” finally caught up with me.


So I adjusted my week. I skipped runs, took extra rest days, changed workouts and still ran 32 miles last week. (I think closer to 45 was the plan)


Sunday –  1 hour spin class
Monday – Rest Day
Tuesday – Speedwork – 1 mile WU, 7×800, .25 recovery, 1 mile CD – 7 miles @8:22 pace
Wednesday – Rest Day
Thursday – 7 miles @8:30
Friday – AM – 1 mile WU, 5@tempo, 1 mile CD, 7 miles @8:12
PM – 6 miles @8:15 pace
Saturday – 5.1 miles @8:31 pace

Total: 32.1

And guess what? I feel great and refreshed this week! I am so glad I adjusted my schedule last week and didn’t beat myself up over missing runs and even skipping my long run!

This dog is so bad but so darn cute!

Less than 59 days til the Boston Marathon, Ryan is running, not me.
Less than 65 days til the Glass City Marathon, that marathon is for me.
Less than 94 Days til the Cleveland Marathon, that marathon or half marathon is for me. Ryan is pacing the 3:25 pace group again this year.

I have a Cleveland Marathon race entry giveaway in a few weeks but if you just can’t wait, I have a code for you. JMCLE10


Boston Marathon Day: A Spectator’s View

Neither Ryan or I could sleep the day before the race because we were so excited. Ryan was signed up to take a chartered bus from MIT. It’s a nice cushy bus with a bathroom and when they get to Hopkinton they can stay on the bus and keep warm instead of being outside when they get there. I didn’t take any pics when I dropped him off because it was so hard to drop him off at 6am and then know he won’t race for 4 more hours and I won’t see him til the middle of the afternoon after the race! Also with no bags this year he left his phone behind.

With hours to spend in Boston all by myself, I grabbed breakfast at Dunkin Donuts, watched Bodhi on the webcam and got ready for a 6 mile run to Boston College which was the area I was planning to watch Ryan from.

Hours before the race
Hours before the race

I got to the race a little earlier than I planned so I sat down on a nearby bench to relax before the race started. After a few minutes, someone approached me that I knew!!! What are the chances of running into someone you know from Cleveland in this section of the race! We instantly decided to stick together since our guys were running similar times and then we both had someone to take the subway with back to the finish. We knew we would only see them at this point of the race and would not make it to the finish in time but I was too chicken to be near the finish line this year.

Tiffany and I near Heartbreak Hill
Tiffany and I near Heartbreak Hill

I was able to watch the start of the race at the house Tiffany was staying at but we made it back to the race with plenty of time to check out the crowds and wait for the lead women to come by.

IMG_0546 IMG_0548 IMG_0550

IMG_0555 IMG_0557 IMG_0560

I swear I was close enough to touch the lead women, Shalane on the other hand must have known I have a major thing for her since she went on the clear other side of the road.

In the downtime of waiting for Ryan to come by, I live tweeted any times of his I could get my hand on and cheered for all the runners who ran by. It’s a miracle I had a voice after the race.

Through the power of twitter I could see that Meb was in the lead. I had no idea how much of a lead he had until he ran by.

Go Meb!
Go Meb!

I don’t know how far of a lead Meb had but it felt like minutes. I do know that you could not even see the rest of the pack. They came straggling along eventually…they wish they were as fast as Meb.

IMG_0570 IMG_0571 IMG_0572

Not long after the lead guys went by I received Ryan’s last time and I was bounding with excitement waiting for him. People started coming by faster by now and I was almost worried I wouldn’t find him in the crowds and knew the crowds would only get worse.

IMG_0574 IMG_0575 IMG_0591

Finally, I found him! I was so excited I didn’t cry and almost didn’t get a picture because I was jumping up and down like a crazy person trying to get his attention! And it worked!

IMG_0600He saw me in the crowd and shouted “I love you! I got it!” and then I had tears in my eyes and quickly tried to snap a picture before he took off for the rest of the course.

IMG_0577Shortly after our guys ran by Tiffany and I headed to the subway to take it back downtown to meet up with our guys. I had about 20% battery life by then so I was hoping I had just enough battery life to get me to Ryan. The subway took a very long time and was beyond crammed. Multiple times I wanted to jump off and just run to the finish. While on the subway I learned my homeboy Meb won the Boston Marathon!

IMG_0589I have been a fan of Meb for awhile now. A better person could not have won the marathon this year. He’s amazing!

Also while on the sub way I received the final alert that Ryan had finished and reached the goal time he was after. 10 minutes later he called, we don’t have each other numbers memorized so I had to write it on him before the race. It was so nice to talk to him but I still had a ways to go to get to him and 12% battery life on my phone.

When I finally got off the subway, there was a lot of running from Tiffany and I trying to get to our meeting areas. I literally ran the whole way from the subway to Ryan and jumped into his arms. Yes there were some tears involved but I was so proud and happy for him. I tore myself away to snap a picture of him beaming from ear to ear.

Love this guy
Love this guy

Quickly with less than 6% battery life left we asked someone to take our picture and as soon as we saw the picture my phone died. Perfect timing for a perfect day.

IMG_0585Stay tuned for Ryan’s guest post on actually running the Boston Marathon.



Boston Marathon Spectating

The Boston Marathon is by far my favorite race. I absolutely loved it when I ran in 2010. I thought it was just because it was my dream race. This year when I went back as a spectator, I was not sure how I was going to feel. I knew I would be excited for everyone running but was pretty sure I would be jealous that I wasn’t running.

When Marathon Monday came, I was not jealous at all (and not because of how hot it was), I was excited! I couldn’t wait to get to the finish line and grab a spot to watch the race. I was at the finish line about 3 hours before the first finisher would come in and not once was I bored. I had my phone with me so I was able to track my favorite runner, Ryan, as well as the elite runners.

I was getting extremely excited when I could see that the elites were close and almost to the finish. I was telling everyone around me, I was so excited!!!! Sadly, no one around me was a runner so I was probably sounding a little crazy with how excited I was and jumping up and down.

                               IMG_0181 IMG_0184

When the first female started coming down the stretch I was pumped! And the second female was not far behind her. They ended up finishing only 2 secs apart. Not long after that the first male came through as well. (Picture on the left is the 1st place female and the picture on the right is the 1st place male). When the first place female came through I had tears in my eyes. Who cries while watching a marathon. oh, this girl.

Army guys

I was  able to see a ton of completely amazing things while spectating. I thought I was hot while standing in the shade spectating. Can not even imagine the troops who ran in uniforms, boots, hats and 40-50lb packs in 80+ degree weather. A marathon in boots! That would hurt no matter what the weather is. I saw multiple groups of troops, some had flags, some were sprinting to the finish line, some were marching in a straight line. Everytime a group of them passed, the crowd went insane.

I saw 2 friends sprinting to the finish and one just didn’t have it in him and slowed down while his friend went on. When his friend noticed he was alone and his friend was behind him, he stopped and turned around to go back for his friend so that they could finish together. Again the crowd went crazy…and I cried.

                             IMG_0189        IMG_0192

I saw Team Hoyt finish and looking super strong! I then saw another set of friends walking the entire length of the Boylston Street finish with their arms around each other. They looked beat but determined to finish together….and then I cried again.


As if it wasn’t hot enough, this guy ran in a full American Flag body suit. Talk about hot. The suit, not the dude.

LOVE this photo

Ok and here I really lost it. As a spectator, you saw a lot of guys struggling to finish. You just wanted to get out there and run with them to help them out. It was hard to be on the sideline and just give them encouraging words. At one point a guy came along and was hurting bad. It looked like he was cramping really bad in one leg and couldn’t even put pressure on it (he also looked dehydrated and was extremely unsteady). He could barely stand and just when I thought he was going to fall over, a complete stranger who was running toward the finish line, stopped and ran over to steady him. He kept asking him if he was ok and looked ahead to see how far the finish line was. The complete stranger grabbed the guys arm, put it around his neck and was about to head to the finish line, when another complete stranger, came on the other side to help him out. Together the three of them crossed the finish line. These guys all looked about the same age and judging by the time clock, they could have easily given up a great finishing time (under 3 hours) and even requalifying for Boston, just to help one runner finish. Pretty sure I am going to have this photo printed and hung up.

My Favorite Runner

 And then I saw my favorite runner charging towards the finish. He looked great for just running a marathon in 80 degree heat. And guess what. I cried again. I was so happy that he was finishing the course and I couldn’t wait to get him out of the sun and hear all about his experience.

If you follow me on twitter I hope you enjoyed my #livebostontweets. I am already planning on going back next year either as a spectator or as a runner. Either way I know I will have a great time.

Also, tomorrow I will have my first ever guest post on the blog. Stayed tuned. It’s a good one!