Brooklyn Heights on the Run 5K

I went back and forth on if I wanted to race last weekend. I wanted to get a good long run in and I don’t normally run well after a 5K. I eventually decided to run because I wanted some revenge on the 5K. I don’t know why but I’ve had a lot of trouble with the 5K this year. I just can’t seem to get my legs going.

Before the race started, I decided my goal was to run a 7 min mile for the first 2 miles and then let my body decide if it could hold that pace or pick it up for the last mile.

After our 1.5 mile warm up we headed to the start line and it was announced that the walkers were starting first. My first thought was “are you serious?” However, I decided to put this in the race directors hands and let him deal with the complaints.

When the race started I kept telling myself to go slow and it was so hard because I was passed by 3 girls instantly! I continued to go slow as we headed into the first development (which helped us to avoid the walkers as their course was straight down and back). I looked down at my watch expecting to see 7 something. Nope! It was 6:15. I eased way back but that first mile was still sub 7.

I concentrated really hard on staying at 7 for the second mile and did pretty good. At this point I had passed a girl and was in a solid 3rd place. At the turnaround you hit mile 2 and it’s a slow, gradual uphill for about .4 of a mile. Not a huge hill but slowed me down just a bit.

At the Natures Bin 5K I was done at mile 1.5 but for this race I felt good and like I was running really smart. As I neared the finish line I was happy with what my finish time would be. I ended up 3rd overall female in 21:48, a 7:01 pace. Looks like I ended up with those 7 min miles just like I wanted. Now I feel like I can start chipping away at that time and get closer to my PR. Hoping to run some 19s by this time next year.

Race shirt and 3rd overall female medal
Race shirt and 3rd overall female medal

Oh and I knew the winner of the race on Saturday. It was my husband, Ryan! He won the race, set an awesome course record, the next closest guy was 3 minutes behind him and he claimed a new PR of 16:54. He even ran with his slow wife afterwards to do our cooldown/long run. 14 miles total for the day and way better than the 14 miles we ran the weekend before.

A man with a new PR and his dog
A man with a new PR and his dog

I’d never been to the Brooklyn Heights area but it was very surprising to me. It was close to downtown but not run down, almost a country feel to it. We saw some awesome view of downtown from the main street.

Do you set goals before you run a race? OR just run by feel?