A Couple Things Thursday

I know it’s probably supposed to be “3 Things Thursday” But I really only have a two things to share and don’t want to make up a third. And two is my favorite number.

 1.) Last night while trying to start up the PS3 I ran into a slight problem…Manchild would say it was a catastrophe but the wireless controllers would not connect. After watching the Manchild freak out for a couple of minutes I grabbed the computer to google what was wrong (Google never fails me). I instantly found out that all you had to do was press the reset button on the back of the controller and restart the system. Problem Solved/Crisis Averted. However, as I kept reading just to make sure I ran across this:

Yeah , it’s not rocket science , but some people make it out to be.

Pretty funny, haha, ok but then I kept reading and saw this:

Here’s my question… ” Do you guys know how to breathe , everytime I take a breath , I inhale , but then need more… , what do next? My brain tells me to exhale , but … ugh… I figured I’d come on the boards to ask you guys! Please hurry , I’m about to die , I can’t breathe! What do I do?!! “

At this point I laughed so hard I thought I was going to give myself an asthma attack. So funny that I was still laughing about it this morning and just had to share. If I could get it under 140 characters I would tweet it.

2.) I have had some crazy dreams this week. Earlier in the week I dreamt that I won the lottery, holla! So in real life I bought a couple Mega Millions this week to see how my luck would pan out…sadly I did not win. But then last night I had a dream that I was running in a 5K race and was doing really good, at least in the top 3. However, I realized that something was holding me back and I was dragging a little bit. For some reason I was running using only 1 leg and for using just one leg I was doing pretty good but in my dream I couldn’t figure out how to use both legs at the same time. I pretty much forgot how to run. Take my word, it was a crazy dream.

Two questions for ya: Anyone else have some crazy dreams? Anyone else instantly turn to the internet to figure stuff out?


Being Sick Sucks!

So I’ve been battling a respiratory infection for the past 7 days and  have spent most of my time sleeping and coughing. I have to admit that coughing has given me rock hot abs which I hope stick around. (The abs, not the coughing). But it has taken away my ability to run. Which is not acceptable! I even had to back out of a race this morning that I was looking forward to and I was already registered for it 😦

Usually when I am sick I will take off a day or 2 but an entire week and I am one cranky person! Hopefully another couple of days and I will be all better. I have seriously tried everything, cough syrups, cough drops, vicks vapor rub, humidifier, apple cider vinegar (it’s real gross), tea, honey and lots of water. If you have another suggestion, I am all ears.

So here are some pictures to sum up my non running weekend. I will warn you it’s pretty lame.

Brokedown and bought a humidfier this weekend (I know, very exciting), and bought more coughdrops, mom and sister gave me mini oranges for Vitamin C and those file folders are my taxes. Yep I filed my taxes while sick this weekend. At least I was somewhat productive.

But that’s not all my weekend included.

Exit Through The Gift Shop is a documentary on “Street Art” It’s a little weird but interesting. I saw it on the oscars so I had to check it out.

Also watched

Due Date

Glad I waited for it to come on video and not see it in theaters. It’s pretty funny, slightly over the top.

And played a lot of this

Call of Duty Black Ops

It was a double XP weekend and they came out with new maps so it was a good weekend to be sick. Sadly I didn’t prestige but I am close.

And I tried out the Salon Effects for your nails. You know I am sick when I do my nails. This is rare.

They are a glittery pink color and I am loving them! I hope they last.

Hopefully, I will be back to  running soon. Otherwise I will have nothing to blog about.