Reception: Dancing, Bouquet and Garter Toss, Friends and Break Dancind Dentists

One of the best pieces of wedding advice I received from our DJ! DJ Louie of Unlimited Music Productions knows how to party. His advise to us was “The party is where the bride and groom are. If you are at the bar, your guests will congregate to the bar and if you are on the dance floor your guests will congregate there.”

072713RJW-889 072713RJW-959

Well he was right! We wanted our guests on the dance floor so that’s where we went and we had a packed dance floor all night.

072713RJW-891 072713RJW-894 072713RJW-895 072713RJW-904

I’ve mentioned this before but I have proof in the pictures. I met the people below when I was 4 years old and we are still friends til this day! We grew up together performing in American Zagreb Junior Tamburitzans and so glad we could get a picture in the exact same order 20 plus years later!

73441_1307832155381_2970343_n 072713RJW-900

Believe it or not, I met the people in the picture below this one when I was 2 years old! We also are all still friends today.

     578563_10100378517470052_103100521_n 072713RJW-850

I was pretty sure I was going to over throw the bouquet and I think I under threw it.

072713RJW-1009 072713RJW-1010

Luckily, my friend Maria ran up and grabbed it.

072713RJW-1011 072713RJW-1012

I think the garter toss was one of the things Ryan was nervous about before the wedding. The day off, it was nothing but laughing.

072713RJW-1017 072713RJW-1018

And the guy to catch the garter was Maria’s boyfriend Brian!072713RJW-1022 072713RJW-1024

Now I could end the wedding posts with the disco inferno that my cousin-in-law, Paul, set up for us with the help of the DJ (while that was an awesome part of the night and were told “longest disco inferno they’ve ever seen” loved it!). We have to share picture of our break dancing dentist! (Not our actual dentist, our friend who is a dentist)

072713RJW-974 072713RJW-975 072713RJW-976 072713RJW-977

I’ve received a ton of emails about my wedding posts (I’m trying to get back to you all) so I am glad so many people enjoyed them and “felt like you were there”. I think it’s time to tap back into the running part of this blog though.


Nothing Hotter Than A Man Who Can Kolo and Secrets I Kept From My Man!

For the wedding we had my Uncle’s Croatian band play for a little bit. However, Ryan and his family knew little about Croatian dances and I hated to leave them out of the fun. Also, Ryan had this great idea to surprise me and was going to learn how to kolo for the wedding. (Kolo is the name of the dances.)

As the wedding grew closer, Ryan was uncomfortable having someone he didn’t know well teach him the dances so he asked me to teach him instead. I think he was sad he couldn’t surprise me with it but I was so happy he was willing to learn. Nothing hotter than a guy who can kolo. Ryan picked up the dances pretty easily but what Ryan didn’t know was that I was sneaking over to his Moms house to teach his Mom, Aunt and Cousin how to kolo as well!

IMG_1947 IMG_1948I was easily able to tell Ryan I was meeting with a vendor or a cousin or just getting wedding stuff done but really I was hanging out with his family teaching them to dance. It was so hard to not tell him about it because 1) it was so much fun, 2) they were picking it up so quickly and 3) I was so excited for Ryan to know the secret!

Practically professionals

I was able to teach Ryan’s family the same dances I was teaching him so they were all on the same page. I thought it would make Ryan feel more comfortable to have his family up dancing with him.

There he is
There he is

Somehow we didn’t get any professional pictures of Ryan koloing but someone did snap that picture for us. However, I really wish I could have seen Ryan’s friends faces when he jumped in to dance. They were loving watching the kolos.

Awesome band

My very talented Uncle and his very talented band played at the wedding. I had no idea my little, 10 year old cousin Gus, was joining them! When did he become better than playing prim than me! He may be replacing my cousin Julian as “the best prim player I know” in a few years. (I just realized I’ve never blogged about my favorite prim player!!!!)

072713RJW-862 072713RJW-863 072713RJW-869 072713RJW-870 072713RJW-877 072713RJW-880

I love how much fun everyone seems to be having in these photos!


Reception: The Most Nerve Racking Thing at the Reception

Cutting the cake! How do you cut cake in front of a couple hundred people? What if you mess up? We messed up and tried to cut through the ribbon. It took a while but was worth the laughs.072713RJW-813

We probably should have had “the talk” before the cake eating. You know the “are we goind to smash it in our faces or be nice?”

072713RJW-815 072713RJW-820

It started out nice but in the end I think we got a little messy.072713RJW-822 072713RJW-823

Ryan and I haven’t had a lot of chances to slow dance together so I was pretty excited to dance with him. I could care less that all eyes were on us. We orginally picked “Then” by Brad Paisley as our first dance song but as the wedding got closer we changed our minds. We changed it to “Crazy Girl” by The Eli Young Band. It was a popular song when we first started dating and always reminds us of that.

072713RJW-830“Wouldn’t last a single day, I’d probably just fade away. Without you, I’d lose my mind
Before you ever came along, I was livin’ life all wrong. Smartest thing I ever did was make you all mine.
Crazy girl, don’t you know that I love you? And I wouldn’t dream of goin’ nowhere.Silly woman, come here, let me hold you. Have I told you lately?
I love you like crazy, girl”

Ryan and his Mom danced to “Never Alone” by Lady Antebellum and Jim Brickman. I pretty sure neither one of them cried throughout the whole thing which is practically a miracle.

072713RJW-841Tomorrow’s post has a huge secret that I kept with Ryan and some sneaking around I did behind his back. Don’t worry his Mom was there with me 😉


Reception: The Party Don’t Start Til I Walk In

A few small details from the wedding reception site. I wrapped lace around about 400 votive candles that were placed on all the tables (I still have some if anyone wants to buy them off of me). The cake was delicious and was from Cakes by Maria and Joe in Eastlake.

                             072713RJW-588 072713RJW-594

I found a decorative box at Big Lots and had my step dad cut a hole in the top to use for cards. A few shots of slivo for good luck and wine corks that I turned into placecards. Assigned seating for a large wedding wasn’t nearly as bad as everyone made it seem. Plus then I knew where everyone was sitting!

072713RJW-599 072713RJW-608

After all the formal stuff it’s nice to finally let loose and celebrate with family and friends.

072713RJW-611Having a Croatian tambura band at our wedding was no question but it had to be my Uncle’s band. I couldn’t imagine having a different group of guys playing.

Our photographer came by at one point and asked for our rings and snapped this awesome picture. Wow

 072713RJW-640 072713RJW-643 072713RJW-646 072713RJW-649 072713RJW-652

I am not sure how but I convinced the groom that we had to have Kesha’s Tik Tok as our entrance song. He may have put up a fight but in the end I got my way.

“The party don’t start til I walk in”

072713RJW-654 072713RJW-661 072713RJW-663 072713RJW-665

A over a year before our wedding I had decided who I wanted to do the prayer at the wedding. I saw Ryan’s Uncle Jerry say the prayer at his daughters wedding and I couldn’t imagine anyone else saying the prayer at ours after that. He did a great job and even gave us a copy of the prayer.

Ryan's Uncle Jerry
Ryan’s Uncle Jerry

I’d like to say I am a little biased but after hearing the reviews, our maid of honor and best man had awesome speeches. Heartfelt and not too long. Just Perfect!

I was afraid my MOH would be a little nervous because she said to me “I’ve never had to give a speech in front of that many people.” but if she was nervous I couldn’t tell. She had her notes written down but didn’t even need them. I loved that she threw in inside jokes and key words that I would get but didn’t bore the crowd. That’s how you know you have a good speech!

072713RJW-669 072713RJW-674 072713RJW-675

I was told that our best man is a pro at giving speeches and I was blown away. He didn’t have his speech written down, he had the whole thing in his head and it was by far the greatest best man speech that I have ever heard. I’ve never been so impressed and proud that Ryan has him as a best friend.

072713RJW-678 072713RJW-680 072713RJW-685

The food at the hall was incredible, chicken, roast beef, schnitzel, wedding soup, I don’t even remember what else there was because everyone was in love with the schnitzel.

These guys
These guys

I think it was these guys who had a schnitzel eating contest and probably woke up with schnitzel hangovers.



Wedding Picture Spots #2 and #3

I’m actually not really sure where these were taken but it was on the West Bank of the Flats still.

Me and my beautiful MOH
Me and my beautiful MOH
Have I mentioned how much I love bridges!

072713RJW-487         072713RJW-489 072713RJW-491

There was a little bit of wind but we were able to use that to our advantage and get some cool shots of the veil in the wind.

072713RJW-533 072713RJW-537

We really didn’t have a whole lot of time in between the ceremony and the reception but still managed to get a ton of pictures in and went to 3 locations.

072713RJW-519 072713RJW-524 072713RJW-528

These next set of pictures were all taken on that bridge next to Shooters. I have plans to go back every year on our anniversary to take a picture there.

My bouquet weighed like 20 pounds but it made my arms look toned in all the pictures.

See my tip above on how to have toned arms for wedding pictures.

My Mom calls this the runaway bride photo

I have a slight obsession with black and white photos.

072713RJW-556 072713RJW-563 072713RJW-569 072713RJW-570


Wedding Picture Spot #1-West Bank of the Flats

I was a little nervous about it raining on our wedding day because where would we take pictures at! I basically told my photographer that I trusted her to do her thing. And she did great!

072713RJW-383 072713RJW-384 072713RJW-387

You can’t tell but there are volleyball courts behind us and I play there all the time. Who would have thought I’d actually take my wedding pictures there but it was perfect.072713RJW-409I love everything about this photo. I think a framed black and white one will be hanging in the house soon.072713RJW-411

The wedding party had no problem with the “fun” pictures. They were an awesome group.

072713RJW-412I have to admit not only does Ryan have some awesome friends but they are pretty good looking too!

072713RJW-419 072713RJW-423

These pictures above and below were all taken on the west bank of the flats. It was awesome because you get some cool Cleveland views but also some of the bridges.

I think I was laughing at Ryan in this picture so I love it. Plus i was holding my dress up awkwardly so it didn't touch the ground.
I think I was laughing at Ryan in this picture so I love it. Plus i was holding my dress up awkwardly so it didn’t touch the ground.

072713RJW-443 072713RJW-448

I love when he looks at me like that!

                        072713RJW-449 072713RJW-463 072713RJW-476

I serious wonder if Ryan was meant to model, he poses perfectly for every single picture!072713RJW-480