Interview with my Sister: Her first 5K

I waited a few days to interview my little Sister on her first 5K. I wanted it to fully sink in how far she went. I was really surprised by her answers and you will see how she totally melts my heart.

I made Lisa a training plan for her first 5K and my goal was to only have her run 3 days a week. I met up with her a few times to make sure she was getting her runs in and to gauge how she was doing. She also had goals to reach such as run a mile straight and if she runs a 5k in 30 mins or less we’ll go get pedicures.

Name: Lisa (also goes by Doodle Bug)
Age: 9

At the start
At the start

Me: What got you started to run and train for your first 5K?
Lisa: My Sister. I wanted to be like her.
Editor’s Note: Awwww! Did not expect this answer. I expected “My sister made me. She is so mean”

Me: How did you do in your first race?
Lisa: Pretty good, I guess.
Editor’s Note: 1.) she finished and 2.) she placed in her age group….even if she was the only one 🙂

Lisa running with Ryan
Lisa running with Ryan

Me: Do you want to run other distances? Something farther?
Lisa: Sure!
Editor’s Note: Wow. Ok!

Me: Will you ever run a marathon?
Lisa: I’ll try…
Editor’s Note: WOW! OK!!!! Totally surprised me with that answer.

Running hills like a champ
Running hills like a champ

Me: Favorite part of the race?
Lisa: The end when I passed through the finish line

Me: Least favorite part?
Lisa: Going up the hill
Editor’s Note: It was a very short hill.

Lisa's cheering section. The rents were awesome and saw her at 2 points!
Lisa’s cheering section. The rents were awesome and saw her at 2 points!

Me: Do you have any running goals?
Lisa: Being ready for the next one.
Editor’s Note: I think now she knows what to expect for a race. And I think she slacked on some training but know she knows better.

Me: What did you eat post race?
Lisa: pancakes, eggs and bacon
Editor’s Note: And my toast.


Me: How sore were you post race?
Lisa: Immediately after my muscles were sore and I wanted to pass out. But I was fine the next day.

Me: What will you do differently for your next 5K?
Lisa: Practice more.

1st in her age group!
1st in her age group!

Lisa’s next 5K will be Memorial Day weekend so she’ll have about a month to train and get ready. I would really like to get her to run 1 5K race a month and see how she improves over the year. Her official time for her first 5K was 42:04 a 13:34 pace.  So no pedicures this round but I’m pretty sure she’ll cut off a lot of time on her next 5K.


It’s Christmas Eve!

Thankfully I have the world’s most amazing fiancé and he lets me blog while we are watching A Christmas Story. He watches A Christmas Story every Christmas Eve.

Christmas eve is always spent with my Mom’s family. It’s crazy and loud and I look forward to it every year.

My sister and I were festive in our red shirts, I’m still trying to convince my family that pink is a Christmas color. I am making up for it and sitting here blogging in my pink thermal Christmas snowflake PJs. (Maybe next year I’ll be brave enough to post a picture of myself in them)

The world’s best sister!
Every one is assigned an item to bring for Christmas eve dinner. I was assigned an appetizer so I made spinach dip and pumpernickel bread. It was my first time making this and it came out perfect. Ryan was in charge of beer and brought a growler of Columbus Cousin Eddie. The beer was so good that it was gone quick so we busted open the liquor and wine.

Just your normal drinking family.
Every year we stuff our selves into Grandma’s living room to exchange presents. All my cousins are growing up so we barely fit in the living room at this point.

Mess of presents and family.
My Uncle and cousins sing and play for Christmas eve mass at St. Paul’s Croatian church but they gave us a mini show before they left.

IMG_1055[1] IMG_1056[1]

The good news is between all the drinking, raunchy/innappropriate conversations, opening presents, singing happy birthday to baby jesus, eating ice cream cake, and more drinking Ryan survived his first Christmas Eve with my crazy but entertaining family.

The future Mr. And Mrs. McCartney
Tomorrow morning is spent at my Mom’s house opening presents and probably eating a ridiculous amount of food. Then heading to visit Ryan’s family.

What are your plans for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

P.S. My sister is singing at Christmas day mass and said doesn’t want to open presents til after mass. Clearly there is something wrong with her.


Birthday Pig Roasts

I am pretty sure that most families don’t roast pigs for Birthdays. That being said, it’s obvious we aren’t normal. We also named the pig we roasted. Say hello to Sadie!

Hello Dinner!

We’ve been roasting pigs, lambs and sometimes chickens for my little sister’s birthday ever since she was born. Even though we celebrated on Saturday, she officially turns 9 today! Happy Birthday DoodleBug!  Also, we had 2 people celebrating their 50th and 60th birthday ( I won’t mention names…Hi Mom! Hi Dave!) so even more reason to celebrate and eat 3 different cakes.

Birthday Girl

When I asked my sister what she wanted for her birthday she responded “pajamas and a volleyball”. Such a simple girl and yet I bought her none of those things. Trust me, I still spoiled her like a good big sister does.

I can’t believe next year my sister will be in the double digits! She’s growing up way too fast. And by too fast, I mean she’s almost as tall as me. Hopefully I’ll hit my growth spurt at 30, I think it’s a couple years late.

What’s something you request for your birthday? I always ask for my mom to make me chimichangas (which I think are actually enchiladas but we’re not changing the name now). And pineapple orange cake ( and I don’t even like pineapples).



Christmas Recap

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I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and survived Christmas with their family. I mean, had a great time with family….

That's my tree!

Leading up to the holiday I am super busy baking poticas (nutrolls) every weekend starting 2 weeks before Thanksgiving up until the week before Christmas. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are even busier helping family get meals together and control rowdy kids.

                  DSCN2110 DSCN2111

In case you can’t tell, yes there is duct tape holding the oven shut. So you are probably thinking that the oven broke and that is how we keep it shut. Nope, oven is perfectly fine and stays shut on its own. However, everyone thinks they are a cook in the family (except me) and they insist on all opening the oven to see how the prime rib is doing. Multiple people opening the oven ruins the temperature or something I guess. It has become an odd family tradition to tape the oven shut now.

Jesus Cake

Ok, another odd family tradition is we sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. For some reason I always think this is a little weird. Should we all go to church or something instead. The kids love it though and I get ice cream cake so I am happy. Grandma always gets weird looks when she goes to Dairy Queen and asks for a cake that says “Happy Birthday Jesus” so apparently we are the only ones who do this.

Packed house

 9 adults 5 kids (we were actually missing a few people this year) crammed into one living room and you have one packed room. Once you sit down you are probably not moving becausee you are blocked it…or someone will steal your seat. I am always cold but try to wear short sleeves to Grandma’s house because I know it will be a 100 degrees with everyone there. So worth it to see everyone though.

How was your Christmas? Any quirky things your family does?


Holiday Comforts

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The holidays have to be one of my favorite times of the year so I would like to share some of my favorite Holiday Comforts. I blame my Mother for my love of the holidays, she has always been a fan of Christmas decorations, baking, Christmas music and even likes to call herself “Miss Chris Christmas”. I was such a fan of Christmas music growing up that they had to tell me that it was bad luck to listen to Christmas music until Thanksgiving Day. Actually, I think what happened was I used to listen to Dominick The Donkey on repeat…year round and everyone got sick of it. Ever since then Christmas music waits until Thanksgiving, but the first CD that we listen to is Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers Once Upon A Christmas.

Most families have some kind of holiday tradition that they do every year. In my family it is baking, sounds pretty common but we don’t just bake cookies though, we bake Poticas (nutrolls). We start making them a few weeks before Thanksgiving and bake every weekend until Christmas. In case you were wondering, we make a couple hundred between Christmas and Thanksgiving. It is a lot of work and takes up the first part of your day but it is one of my favorite family traditions and gives me time to chat with my family. My Grandma baked them with her mom and then taught my Mom and baked with her and now my Mom bakes with me. (do you see a pattern here 🙂 )

Another holiday comfort of mine is Christmas movies. No joke my DVR is full of Christmas movies right now. I record every Christmas movie I come across. Some of my favorites are Santa Clause The Movie (the original from 1985), Elf, Home Alone, A Christmas Story, It’s a Wonderful Life, Bad Santa, Holiday in Handcuffs, A Smokey Mountain Christmas (super duper cheesy but I still love it), Disney’s Prep and Landing, and just about every Lifetime, Hallmark and Disney Christmas movie there is. Way too many to list right now.


 My last Holiday Comfort is snowglobes and a Christmas shadow box. Most get excited to put up the tree and hang the stockings. Not me, I could easily skip that. Give my my snowglobes and put out the Christmas shadow box and I am one happy girl.


What are some of your Holiday Comforts? Any unique family traditions? Favorite Christmas Movie? Favorite holiday item?

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Sister Sleepover

I almost forgot, it has been a whole week since my sister slept over….and I swear I am still catching up on sleep. That child stays up late and gets up early, I am not sure how she does it!

After a day full of eating Mom’s awesome Thanksgiving dinner (brownie points) I figured letting my sister stay over and watching movies was a perfect way to relax and unwind, maybe call it an early night. First we watched Monsters, Inc., a favorite of ours and then Monsters Vs. Aliens, which I never saw but was actually pretty good. Then I figured bedtime, but she was still wide awake so we watched Kung Fu Panda and then I fell asleep. Don’t worry I when I woke up and she was eating Rollos and Nerds. Whoops! Should have known to hide the candy!


I did use her to my advantage while I had her and we made snickerdoodle cookies. I need to borrow her more often for other baking days. Perfect little helper….although she somehow makes a mess while helping, still figuring that part out.

              DSCN1910 DSCN1914

Being the best big sister ever, I promised her Menchies for breakfast. Menchies didn’t open til 11am so we ended up having a hearty bowl of cereal since she was up at 6:30am (why do kids get up so early). Did some shopping and then headed to menchies for an early lunch.

DSCN1918 DSCN1920 DSCN1919

If you are wondering what was in her mix this time, Chocolate cherry cordial and vanilla swirled yogurt and Pumpkin and pecan praline swirled yogurt, topped with reeses, coconut, peanuts, walnuts, almonds, white chocolate chips, m&ms, gummy worms, gummy bears, peaches, strawberries, cherries, blackberries, mandarin oranges, pineapples, chocolate syrup, marshmallow syrup, caramel sauce and butter scotch sauce. I am not sure how she could stomach that combination but she loved it and finished the whole bowl (which of course was filled to the top).

I am probably the only one with a little sister 20 years younger than me but what do you do for fun with your siblings?

Do you have an even weirder Menchies combination?